Study: Free Apps Suck Smartphone Battery Empty!

Whether it is a simple game of chess or a graphically elaborate car race US university purdue according to a study,

Ad-funded free apps drive power consumption by smartphones to frightening heights. How much suck free apps the battery really empty? COMPUTER image makes the practice check.

Batteries in the stress test

In the battery stress test the editors let compete two identical smartphones of models sony xperia S and iphone 4s: One with the free version of a game and the other with the ad-free paid version of the same game. The unique result of this sample: The researchers are right! After about three hours of angry birds (free app), the juice went out iphone 4S. Play with the paid version of angry birds turned out to be battery service life; after three-hour reading the iphone with a remaining charge of 39 percent was still operational. Note: Depending on the app and mobile configuration, the differences are more or less drastically.

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Why free apps swallow so much power?

Free apps need according to the study of the U.S. Scientists up to 75 percent of their energy, not for the actual game, but for the built-in advertising system. This data such as the location of the user be determined initially about GPS. Then come regular advertisements from the internet on your smartphone. However, it is not the transmission itself, which draws on the battery that amount of data is the apps only at some hundred kilobytes per hour. The catch: UMTS, wi-fi and GPS eat battery reserves even if it is no longer necessary.

COMPUTER IMAGE tip: Purchase apps use, turn on airplane mode

If you frequently use free apps, you should prefer access to the same apps purchase version if available. Or disable features such as GPS, wi-fi, and mobile data access at the games. You enable the smartphone in a so-called flight mode. Side effect: Then there is also no calls that rip out one of the gameplay…

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