Styling Challenge: How Do I Wear Denim with Denim?

And now my denim styling challenge goes to the next round… Shirt and pants remain the same as announced and this time I added the look with a bit more color. On Tuesday it was still the long blouse, the long cardigan comes today.

Earlier it was still green and blue are the Kasperl be woman-but this saying is absolutely no longer contemporary… quite the contrary.In addition, the jeans shirt is now open and makes room for stripes…

Styling Challenge: How To Wear Denim With Denim. Part 2-With Cardigan

And moving on to the next round of my denim styling challenge. As promised, the shirt, trousers and cardigan from are the same and this time I have added more color to the look. On Tuesday we saw the long blouse underneath. In fact, the opposite is true. In fact, this is not true. As well as that, the denim shirt is left open, allowing space for stripes…

Challenge Wardrobe

On Sunday comes the last part of my denim styling challenge. For the time being? Jaaa-it was mega fun to make the two remaining parts ever again new… Somehow it was a challenge, because I have discussed the contents of my wardrobe differently. So you will probably see the two parts again soon… a few ideas I have already.Thank you very much for having accompanied my denim week with so many comments here and at Instagram – that makes me really happy… I wish you a good start in the weekend!

Wardrobe Challenge

On Sunday you‘ll see the final part of my denim styling challenge, for the time being. For the time being?Yes-it was a lot of fun to put the two items together in different ways… I have to deal with the contents of my wardrobe differently. I have some ideas. Thank you so much for your comments. Thank you so much.