Stylish Plus Size Sweaters

A cold and rainy autumn has a huge advantage: Finally off your cuddly knit sweater plus size pick up again. There is nothing better than to pack warm weather the weather! Since Strickpullover not go out of fashion, they are again re-designed every year. So you can make sure that you are not only wrapped up nice and comfortable, but also stylish to date.

XXL Knitted sweaters were sin for every plus size fashionistas time ago. The sweaters were considered bulky, because they apply and emphasize problem areas. But thanks to the Plus Size movement in recent times has been this misconception, so any kind of knitting is welcome. Cozy sweaters in large quantities in a chunky knit, fine wool, with a braided pattern or decorated brightly. The selection is quite large and varied. Here I want to show you why what Plus Size knit sweater I like best:

  • Heart patterned sweater

These shells are my personal highlights not only in the cold season. A XXL knitwear, which is super long and comfortable sleeve has, makes you in daily life as a fashion queen. He concealed curves, but stresses but the silhouette. The design makes a statement that draws a lot of attention. What is important in the oversize jumpers that You stress as contrast your legs. Good for this sweater fit either a half-length skirt, boots and wool tights in large sizes or a tight-fitting trousers.

  • Norwegian-knit sweater

This sweater heralds the winter. It is soft, warm and the best choice in subzero temperatures. These jeans and winter boots are combined.

  • Oversize sweater

A warm Oversize sweater over your outfit and the cold stays guaranteed outside The beauty of this sweater is the onion look you even with your beautiful summer dresses can connect yet. Ever is a cozy sweater all-rounder, as it goes with many outfits.

Plus Size Sweaters

My favorite look consists of a summer dress with colorful and light motifs of flora and fauna. By that I do not freeze to death, I prefer to warm tights (or even two superimposed when it is too cold for me..) and boots. Depending on the dress I’m wearing underneath a monochrome Long sleeve that warms addition. The sweater over this outfit makes a great contrast with the colors and light materials.