Subscribers Data in ESMS Leak on the Web

The Ministry of Education confirmed the morning of Wednesday entered data Exam National Secondary Education (ENEM) leaked on the Internet yesterday. Millions of data may have been accessed, but for now the ministry does not report the seriousness of the situation.

According to the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, information such as name, identity card number (RG) and CPF number were accessible to virtually anyone from accessing a page maintained by the Ministry of Education. For at least three hours in the afternoon on Tuesday, such data were available. The newspaper still managed to view information such as mother’s name, registration number and socioeconomic data of subscribers.

The MEC reported that educational institutions have access to a particular page on the ministry’s website where they can consult data entered in ESMS before approving the award of grants, for example. This address was available only by user name and password, but still a problem caused data to appear.

INEP, MEC division responsible for ESMS, said the special address was closed so that they are aware of what happened. The case will be investigated to determine what happened.

To get an idea of ​​the amount of information stored by MEC, in 2009 only about 9 million students participated in the ESMS. The leaked information, however, included ESMS data 2009, 2008 and 2007 as well.