Subtle Elegance with Provençal Wall Stickers

The Provencal style was beyond well-designed furniture and dye purposely spend with rusticity tones on the pieces. In a new level, they reached the walls to decorate with much more versatility and keeping the most characteristic decorative delicacy of this decoration born in Provence, France. Now, one can better translate their appreciation for this style with Provencal wall sticker, able to reinvent all the comfort and style of home quickly.

Convenient and fast to implement, the Provencal wall borrows the style adhesive to shape the architecture of your home or apartment. So, floral, prints and other frescoes in shades and shapes, which translates as Provençal, conquer any room of your home and thus generating even more elegant ways to talk with any decor around.

Decorating with wall stickers are high. Versatile trend and for all styles and tastes, lacking options to give more shape and content to the walls of your home or apartment. With Provençal wall sticker, style and practicality merge in an easy to apply and weather resistant element.

The Provençal wall sticker can delight in any environment in which it is present. There are models for any room and decorative style of his predilection. The children’s wall sticker , for example, puts more colors in the nursery, in addition to having a unique variety of prints to recreate a fantasy world full of fun for the kids.

Already in other environments, such as rooms and the master bedroom, for example, the Provençal wall sticker is popular for its printed delicacy. Even the previously mentioned child room, the Provencal wall sticker falls very well, since the details of Provencal style are often used to decorate this type of room.

Floral and rustic tones are common elements in the Provençal wall sticker designs. Used as wall sticker for room , makes the most warm and gentle atmosphere with the traditional colors of this style born in Provence, France. Let your creativity flow with Provençal wall sticker!

Tips for Using the Wall Stickers

Some tips to match the home decor with Provencal wall sticker were selected, below, for you to be enchanted and find more inspiration to make any room into something even more stylish and warm with Provencal wall sticker:

  • To clean your wall sticker, just a damp cloth;
  • When installing the wall stickers, beware prolonged sunlight, which can take off the product over time;
  • Irregular walls are difficult to maintain the desired result.Choose to paste your wall sticker on smooth walls.

With the tips of Westwing, the home is even more elegant. Check out the available models and make even more beautiful in decor with Provencal Wall Sticker!