Summer Handbags Trends

Amoda is present on clothing, accessories, footwear and even us exchanges. Each season has its trends, and the summer 2011 handbags appear with various styles and sizes, making the sets right democratic and accessible to all. Look at what were the models that appeared in the summer fashion shows, and choose which combines more with your style:

Summer Handbags Trends

* The postman bag sized appeared in several fashion shows. Use of various materials such as leather, fabric and suede and well colored, along the face of the summer. Compose a visual stripped and boho. Boho is an eclectic mix, free, with a hint of hippie, ethnic, Bohemian, folk, punk, vintage. The look is always unique and customized.)

* The bag with fringe appears in one more season, and is perfect for composing the looks good and that will be the boho hippie big trend this season. Use it with loose dresses with floral prints.

* The bags with chain strap will be trend again in the summer. The most commonly used models are the perfect medium for use in the Club and more formal environments.

* The backpacks, with little bag, or Aviationopedia, are used in everyday life as well. Use them to go to work and school, composing looks stripped and diurnal.

* The bag trunk is strong trend this summer. Snoop in the cupboards of your mother or grandmother, which I’m sure you will find this model of scholarship well square and firm, with short handle. She gives charm and sophistication to the summer looks.

* The pouch bag (purse that looks like a bag, small and closes with a cord that makes you frown) is a great choice for summer. It’s small, lightweight, and combines with the warm weather and with any look, just choose the material that matches.

* The purse wallet is another strong trend of summer 2011. Use it not only to night, use it on a daily basis, in citrus colors and pastels, and in materials and textures.