Surface Mini On The 20?

Will Microsoft imagine mini surface at the 20? An invitation was spotted, which says that a meeting will take place on the 20 in New York at 11:00 (local time).”Join US for a small gathering” is available on the invitation what translated means: buckle you us to to a “small” coming together. The “small” mini could refer only to a small version of the surface. Such rumors in circulation have been longer. Several concepts are accordingly.

With the surface 2 and 2 Surface Pro Microsoft had presented two interesting tablets, which attracted not many users but due to the high price or the operating system. The surface mini should now up to bring the brand “Surface” and stop the niche. It is more accurately considered a potential device in the 8 inch area. We present the rumors regarding the specs.

The surface mini should have a screen size of 8 inches and resolution provide a full HD. This would mean that it would compete against the Apple iPad mini,  The aspect ratio is 16:9 not be but like at the bigger brothers, but 4:3 like in the iPad. As software to run Windows RT on the Tablet and a Qualcomm processor be used. Other rumors also speak of a second version: the Surface Pro mini should then run Windows 8.1 and serve an Intel HASWELL as processor. The Tablet is supposed to get a PIN with their own digitizer technology. Microsoft would like to the surface mini, as Tablet market for notes. The rumor regarding a Kinect-like sensor technology still adheres. It’s to offer a better gesture than other mobile devices. It is questionable whether the tablet at all of the features will be handy. What do you think of the surface mini?