Swatch Smart Watch: Swiss Smart Watch Is Coming Soon

The famous Swiss watchmaker swatch will bring his Smart watch into the market in the spring 2015. As a spokesman for the Group’s announcedthat will be the clock in the next two to three months on the market – and therefore in direct competition with the Apple Watch occur.
Focus the experienced watch farmer wants to be its first smart model especially on a colorful, playful design and communication skills. The digital payment is also touted as a special feature. It will be possible for the time being only in the Swiss supermarket chain Migros and Coop.
Connect the Swatch smart watch is only with Android and Windows phone devices. Exciting:According to the Group’s the smart watch must not be loaded. The next weeks will show what is meant and how swatch wants to implement it.
Smart watches experienced a steadily growing popularity. Before the Apple Watch appears, i.e. the large competitors operating system Android wear. The smart watch offshoot is an implementation of the mobile operating system with Google now look. Particularly convinced that can be LG watch R, who scores with a classic round design and numerous features.  (nh/fvo)