Swedish Fashion Show

As you may have seen, there has been an ad for fashion fair + 46 with us for a while. On Tuesday, it’s time, and therefore, we took the opportunity to ask some questions to Kristian Rajnai, one of those responsible for the fair.

Swedish Fashion Show

What is + 46? and how are you different from other fashion fairs?
+ 46 is an alternative fashion show with a fashion contest.
The main difference between + 46 and other fashion fairs is the selection.
We have far fewer exhibitors than, for example, DKNY Vision and Style at carswers.com; instead we have through our restrictive selection put emphasis on maintaining a high and consistent level.

+ 46 feels quite osvenskt. Is there really a place for such an event in Stockholm? Why do you not one so ambitious investment in for example Copenhagen, when it’s such a much bigger fashion city?
+ 46 is certainly characterized by an international perspective. We have collected many international references in the project, including by our international jury as well as the internationally recognized fashion Video Festival “You Wear It Well” who has Sweden Prime during + 46.
I hope and believe that there is room for an event + 46 in Stockholm. It feels a bit like it’s up to the evidence for all of us who work in fashion in Sweden, either we take us together and makes sure to produce events that are of high international level or we must accept the fact that many of Sweden’s most talented designers choose not to participate during Stockholm fashion week in order to give priority to others. In addition to + 46, I think also that it is happening at Bern’s is a good example of that is on the rise in the fashion context.

+ 46 is divided into different parts: Select and Trade. You can quickly get us through what it means.
+ 46 Select
Each season will + 46 through an international name strong jury to appoint a number of young designers for whom + 46 produces a full-scale fashion show.
This year’s jury made up of Nicola Formichetti, Ann-Sofie Back, Patrik Söderstam, Diane Pernet, Sumi Ha and Jerry Bouthier has selected three exceptionally talented designers: The Lidberg Marie-Amélie Marciasini and Magdalena Säfqvist.
From next year, the contest will be open for all of Scandinavia.

+ 46 TRADE (14, 15 February)
By being very restrictive in our selection of exhibitors, we create a fashion fair that maintains a high international level and which attracts buyers and press from around the world. This year, set 23 marks and a few examples are: Surface To Air, Diana Orving, Hope, Poodle, So Last Season, SWD, Dagmar, Julian Red and the Romanian market Rozalb De Mura.

You will also view movies by the likes of Maison Martin Margiela and Alexander McQueen. 
How does the cooperation and why have you chosen them?
The videos are part of the itinerant fashion Film Festival “You Wear It Well” and we chose them for the incredibly high international level they are holding.

What is there in + 46 for our readers, that is to say, men?
Men’s clothing and accessories.

Can all get there or is it just for the press and buyers?
+ 46 is only open for trade. However, “You Wear It Well” will be displayed until 17 March at the Public Gallery, and be open to the public.

Finally, what do you have going on in the future?
Lots, including an international launch of ODD Magazine.