Swimwear Trends Summer 2013

The main fashion shows have presented the 2013 summer trends such as the Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion Week. In terms of swimwear, many new features through the catwalks and revealed that the season will have delicate items, stylish and modern.

The swimsuits and bikinis that are coming to rely on traditional features, but are merged to scrapbook.The colorful prints, appliques and the modeling dug also represent some new swimwear summer 2013.

For some women, be fashionable is essential, but it is worth identifying the trend really suits the body type and personal style. If there is this harmony, the look can become uncomfortable.

Among the brands that have submitted the next season’s trends, coconut water, Cla, Poko Pano, Salinas, Blue Man and Adriana Degreas.

Top 10: Summer 2013 Swimwear Trends

  1. Curtains
    The triangle top bikini model is another strong trend for next season.In their new models, he appears with very colorful prints, that retrieve standards such as foliage and floral.
  2. Low profile
    The most behaved must return with all summer 2013 season.Large panties that disguise the wide hip, for example, promise to influence the look of the brazilian woman.
  3. cropped Top
    The top trend cropped is valued when the top of the Bikini is more structured and with unusual designs.This is a piece that can be merged into casual fashion, especially for those who like to use the belly out.
  4. Touch of craftsmanship
    The hand-made details, such as plots, handmade and crochets, will influence the models in bikinis and swimsuits in 2013.The extensions must also dominate in season, such as studs, sequins and precious stones.
  5. highlights Swimsuits
    After a long forgotten, the swimsuits they steal the scene with new models.With cutouts, the pieces are more sexy and revealing.They can also be incorporated into casual fashion, from the combined with a pair of more larguinha.
  6. thick Strap
    The bikinis with thick handles come back with everything in summer 2013 season.This detail ensures more support to large breasts.
  7. Descombinado
    The traditional suit of bikini was set aside for the trend of ‘ descombinado ‘ gain strength on the catwalks.Women who wish to join the look should use different prints on bottom and top, as relaxed fit floral and plaid.
  8. Strapless
    The classic strapless neckline will show up in bikinis and swimsuits, but more structured to offer support and comfort to the breasts.
  9. Metallic
    Metallic colors, like gold, promises to leave the beach look more sophisticated.
  10. Beach differentiated outputs
    Output models of beach are very different, after all, abuse, feature high waist and even invest in modeling mullet.