T + A TCD 310S in the Test

The T + A TCD 310 S is the smallest stand box from the criterion-TCD series and should sound good even in small spaces. Opens the invoice from a smaller Cabinet and transmission?

HiFi buddies over loudspeakers with transmission discussion, the name T + A is likely to be relatively early. No wonder: As early as 1982 brought the East Westphalia from Herford with the TMR of their first Transmisisonline box on the market. True to the company motto “Theory and application”, the developers have since then consistently developed the technology and improved. Recent offshoot of this research is the TCD series, already in the form of TCD 210 S delighted the AUDIO listening room. Due to their massive sound unfolds the 210er correspondingly large roomfull potential but only in one. So what to do if the listening room can not just put on volume?

T + A TCD 310 S: construction

Exactly here that rides TCD 310 S a. As the smallest stand box TCD series she wants to provide Euphony itself in narrower spaces. As in her big sister’s is also in the 310er a true 3-way box. For the sound production is an arsenal of transducers available: two 17 cm Woofer are responsible for the low register and have their genes from the Solitaire series. The two 15-midrange drivers have a cardboard cone reinforced with carbon fibers with Wells which should suppress resonances and partial coloration of the membrane surface.

The midrange drivers are responsible for the frequencies between 250 Hz and 2000 Hz. The tweeter is responsible for the above spectrum, sitting with his 25 mm fabric dome tweeter in a large, horn-like sound.

This waveguide to the frequency response of the tweeter adjust accordingly, giving a combined with the midrange quasi-d’ D’appolito-order is created. The advantages of this system: vertical bundling increases significantly with increasing frequency, allowing the listener gets almost exclusively the dry direct sound and emitted Sound reflections from walls and ceilings should not even arise.

Last but not least the main actor of the TCD, 310 S: the transmission that has become a little rarity in the boxing world. You winding through the entire housing, which is our test pattern with beautiful, however optional Macassar wood veneer. The biggest advantage of transmission compared to a conventional bass reflex system is clearer reproduction of the lowest frequencies at a noticeably higher sound pressure can be heard. For this you do but no errors in the vote: to make a line work, their self-resonance must be the same as that of the woofer.

T + A TCD 310 s listening test

At the latest after the first bars, music was clear: T + A-developer of Jochen Fabricius knows his craft. The woofer of the TCD 310 S liked by his bone-dry, extremely precise character – of overly prominent bass mash was far and wide to hear. How it works also audibly better than its big sister, the TCD 210 310er. in smaller listening rooms .

Detailed and accurate it went to two floors higher in the high-frequency: the illustration in J. S. Bach’s “Brandenburg concerts” was so naturally that even some concert feeling came up. The midrange was tidy and unobtrusive – the highest compliment that you can make my opinion after a speaker.