TAG Heuer Smartwatch Reviews

Is the analog clock with the Apple Watch history? The Swiss watch company TAG Heuer wants to expand its product line as we know an own Smartwatch. For the development of the luxury manufacturers need but lack of help from the United States, since the technological expertise. This can have weighty consequences.

Switzerland is not located in the communications industry, betrayed the boss by TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver, in an interview with Bloomberg. They have no technology. “When you don’t have that, you can introduce no new features”, so Biver. That is but an urgent need in view of the impending release of the Apple Watch, in order to prepare the Swiss watch market for the future. To develop an own Smartwatch, TAG Heuer will need the expertise of Silicon Valley – therefore the wearable being developed together with partners from the Theeliteswatches.

Emergency without “Swiss Made” label

For a clock to receive the coveted “Swiss Made” label, whose movement at least to 50 percent in Switzerland must have been produced. The company own only expertise to mechanical components. The traditional values of the Swiss watchmaker would endangered according to Biver by the arrival of the Apple Watch as it constitutes a major threat to all fine watches under $2000.

The Swiss part of the company would be responsible for the development of the case, the designs, the idea and the Crown; the drive, the chips, the applications and the hardware for the Smartwatch would, however, developed in the United States. To ensure a unique selling point, the clock would need own applications that existed only for this.

But even if Biver endangered sees the traditional market by the Apple Watch, he wants to pick up yet a copy of Apple Smartwatch. “It is a fantastic product, an incredible performance,” he said in the interview. “I live not only in the tradition and culture of the past, I want to be also connected to the future. The Apple Watch connects me to the future. My watch connects me with the past, of eternity.”