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Sleeping Bag Trek Lite +3 ºc-Deuter

However, before you start talking about this essential equipment, know the difference between Feather goose down and synthetic fiber: Goose feather: the Quill is lighter, more resistant, compact and expands more, with this isolating better than cold, compared to synthetic fibers. However, the plumeloses all its qualities and gets heavier when wet.

Onheça Your Sleeping Bag Before Practicing An Adventure

Thermal balance: If you feel hot, so heat generated by our body is equal to or greater than the heat lost to the environment around us. The heat is generated by metabolism. But, as we lose heat? It is given by: sleeping bag-balance-thermal Source: Deuter Driving: on contact with a cold surface, our body begins to lose heat, because there is a search for the thermal equilibrium. In this case, we’re talking about especiallythe floor under our body.