Take A Look at Men’s Sweaters Fashion Tips

Knitwear – Men’s sweaters, cardigans, pullovers and vests – an essential element of the male wardrobe. They are worn at any time of the year (cotton – in the summer, wool – in winter, cashmere – in the off-season), they are very practical and versatile. Many men prefer to do knitwear, textile garments and wear them all year round. They are comfortable, and are able to make the ensemble complete. What to choose for the upcoming season, to look important and stylish?

Cashmere Sweaters – the Best Choice

We pay tribute and cotton, and wool, cashmere however – the best you can afford, in fact, cashmere sweater – the most splendid thing in the winter men’s locker room. He not only amazingly soft and gentle, he is a season. Pay attention to the actual colors – black, blue and dark gray. And if you think that such a thing will cost you too much, just remember that women like to be touched.

Jumper with V-neck and Round Neck

Many prefer pullovers and sweaters with v-neck and round neck under the neck. They are very comfortable to wear on t-shirts, combining with jeans and casual pants. The same can be put on a sweater and slacks, shirts with buttons on top – the perfect choice for an office or appointment. They are appropriate in every wardrobe. How to choose a v-neck or round neck – a matter of personal preference, but it is better to have both.


Before you say that a cardigan – thing too prickly, let me remind you that we are not talking about those cardigans worn by your fathers and grandfathers. The modern version of the cardigan – a nice thing from cotton, merino wool or cashmere. They are very thin, they can be worn under the jacket. As a rule, they have two-way zipper, so the cardigan can be easily removed. If you must sit for long periods, just unzip the zipper slightly below. Cardigan – a universal thing, it is worn with a t-shirt, shirt, blazer, jeans, classic trousers and slacks. In addition, the cardigan is very fashionable, worth buying, if you do not already have it.


Polo shirts are more common in the summer – they are, as a rule, are made of cotton and has short sleeves. Is not it a perfect addition to khaki pants as an option for Friday’s trip to the office. Cotton jersey – the best choice for the summer, it is very comfortable to wear, and the Polo look more dressy than a simple T-shirt.


Turtleneck – an excellent thing for the cooler seasons. Slim turtleneck merino wool stylish looks with a classic two-piece suit, and with jeans or corduroys. There is a more laid-back option: jeans and knit turtleneck volume. But it looks best on slender men. Therefore, if your figure is far from perfect, it is advisable to choose a perfect jumper. Slim turtleneck only emphasize some of the shortcomings of your figure.

How to Care for Sweaters

As a general rule once a season render your sweater dry cleaned (unless, of course, you happen not to splash your favorite thing tomato sauce for pasta). This rule applies to cotton, wool and cashmere products. Recall, wool and cashmere knits are washable by hand, using a mild detergent designed for wool. By the way, after hand washing knitwear becomes softer, and after cleaning – tougher.