Telekom’s New Mobile Phone Tariffs Are Changing

Yesterday it was already leaked, that at today’s press conference of Deutsche Telekom new mobile tariffs are presented. A whole series of theories about alleged achievements were made.What the new tariffs can really do, we introduce you here.

This Will Bring The New Tariffs

From 19.04. The new magenta tariffs will appear. Telekom has aligned itself with the customer’s wishes and adjusted its MagentaMobil tariffs accordingly. The main changes concern data volume and international roaming. In addition, a HotSpot flat rate is to come.

Increased Data Volume

The data volume is to be increased according to the Telekom, in the S-, M- and L-tariffs. Students also receive double the data volume at no extra cost. The L-tariff makes the 12 GB a month. Not only are new customers affected. Customers also benefit from the new tariffs. Anyone who has booked one of the MagentaMobil tariffs will automatically be allocated more data volumes.Specifically, this means:

S-tariff: 1 GB instead of 500 MB

M-tariff: 3GB instead of 2 GB

L tariff: 6 GB instead of 4 GB

Roaming Abroad

The new tariffs ensure that everyone can surf, send and receive text messages without extra or hidden costs. This regulation applies to all EU countries, including Switzerland. This makes all calls from one EU country to another free of charge. Data consumption is based on the new control in 1 KB increments.

Hotspot Usage

From April 19, users of the Magenta Mobil tariffs will be able to use free HotSpot. The advantage is that mobile access to the Internet is unlimited. This flat is only for new customers free of charge.

Prices – That Cost The New Tariffs

The fact that the new services also lead to higher costs was already known. But what are the tariffs now?

Telekom has published a price list, which creates clarity. MagentaMobil S will cost from April 34,95 Euro (only with SIM). With smart phone we come to 44.95 euros, whereby depending on the quality of the mobile phone also 54.95 euros can be incurred. MagentaMobil M costs only with SIM 44,95 Euro and with Smart phone 54,95 Euro or 64,95 Euro via CellPhoneExplorer , while MagentaMobil L users in the future with between 54,95 Euro and 74,95 Euro.

All in all, the Telekom has raised the prices compared to the previous tariffs by five euros each.