Test Of The Wallet And Card Shell Credit Commuter Wallet For Iphone 5/5s

Few are those who leave home without taking their favorite smartphone, and it is the same for chump change and the credit card… To mix the two, there is only one step. As we have already seen of manyprotections iPhone serving as portfolio: more or less cumbersome, more or less successful depending on the model.

Test Of The Wallet And Card Shell Credit Commuter Wallet For Iphone 5/5s

Last, it’s the prop master American Otterbox, specialist of the resistant shell which could test a number of products in recent years, rarely disappointed. This time, it’s an urban variation of its hull switch (tested here in iPhone version 5 / 5 S and there in iPhone version 4 / 4s) but in declination wallet, ticket or money that we had in the hands.

Small precision before reading: those who are afraid of losing their mobile and their credit card at the same time will not be affected by this test, as for the others, those who attach importance to their iPhone and therefore know constantly what with them warm in the Pocket will thus know that as their currency or credit card it is also with this type of solution. Two uses and different habits: there’s something for everyone.

The protection Otterbox Wallet is available here at Amazon from 33 euros

Here is the test switch it “Wallet” in images, and our impressions and reviews:

Test Of The Wallet And Card Shell Credit Commuter Wallet For Iphone 5 5s 1

First contact

Packaging, presentation and the general appearance of the hull are the classic for Otterbox.

There is a shell in two parts, a towel, a screen protection and the little card plastic to apply it and hunt the air bubbles.

We have seen, the protection is made up of two separate layers.

First observation, since our test of the iPhone version 5, the material used for the first layer is less flexible and attracts less dust, while remaining easy to implement.

The second part, plastic resistant, shows its specificity since now on the back there is a drawer in which slide elements usually stored in a wallet.

The implementation is simple and fast: the iPhone 5 / 5s slips into flexible protection that comes then take place in the rigid part.

All buttons but also openings for the headphone jack and taken sync/charging are protected while remaining accessible and usable

Test Of The Wallet And Card Shell Credit Commuter Wallet For Iphone 5 5s 2


In practice, the hull is well in hand, despite the necessary thickness rear, it’s related to the rounded shapes who know how to forget (in Pocket also). All functions are usable: volume, implementation road, photo or silent mode while the charge port access or the headphone jack of moisture behind the flexible protection are also available under a plastic part. Not necessarily easy to replace but it is the guarantee of a good outfit.

The hull is quite waterproof and not planned for this, but all is well protected from a light rain or possibly wet or dusty atmosphere.

True to its specialty and reputation, Otterbox book here a shell that provides excellent protection from the throes of life.

But are interested we real specificity of this hull: storage that must replace the wallet.

The opening is made by pulling downwards. The drawer is well held in the closed position, therefore, trigger a click to the opening. It is reassuring for the holding in time and not a gene for the opening. The drawer should not bleed in the pocket or on the first opportunity came.

The place offered, we see in the pictures is reduced, the regulars of the portfolio put everything so spend their way. No, this is the minimum that must be taken.

Test Of The Wallet And Card Shell Credit Commuter Wallet For Iphone 5 5s 3

Here’s a few possible combinations in terms of allowable thickness of your choice:

maximum of 3 cards (credit, loyalty) and according to the thickness may be maximum 2

a credit card, a ticket and a fairly thick piece (2 euros)

a map and one or two tickets (stored folded)

Recovery of the cards, tickets and any parts after opening is done without particular concern through an opening of a very good size.

If the use with credit cards or tickets proved practical and comfortable, however in terms of parts, logically it is less pleasant… Because they tend to roll into the hull when it moves in the Pocket for example.


On the basis of the Shell classic switch tested here in iPhone version 5/5 S and there in iPhone version 4/4s, Otterbox is for those who like to walk with little in their pockets but who never go out on their favorite mobile: a credit card, a ticket and go. Of course, this raises the question of the rest (map identity, license for example that do not fit in the shell) so the shell will not suit all far away, but it remains successful, protective and practical. After, everyone to see everything if the proposed use is worth extra congestion imposed by the presence of the drawer on the back.