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Between 7 And 12 Weeks Is The Perfect Time To Go To The First Prenatal Consultationwith Your Doctor.

From the 7 and 12 weeks is the perfect time to go to the first prenatal consultationwith your doctor. A good prenatal monitoring is the best thing you can do to make your baby’s life start healthily.

P1. What Should I Do To Prepare For The First Query?

The best is to write all your questions on a piece of paper and take it with you, so that you can effectively use the time of the query and get the professional advice you so crave. Talk about everything you feel and all your doubts, for less important than you appear. In addition:

Bring a list of all your medications (prescription or over-the-counter), so that thedoctor can assess your safety during pregnancy.

Look at the calendar and try to remember the first day of the last menstruation.The doctor uses this date to calculate the date of expiry of the baby.

Take some time to review the medical history of your family and your family Companion. (You can find out with your parents and siblings about chronic diseases and potential genetic anomalies.) What your doctor will address these issues, necessary to guide the recommendations of prenatal examinations.

Bring a bottle of water and something to eat — waits in the obstetrics clinics andmidwives can be incredibly long. In addition to pregnant women, these professionals also make deliveries and so don’t always manage to meet timetables.

P2. What Are The Signs Of A Good Health Care Professional?

Look into her eyes and makes you feel comfortable.

Receives gladly your questions and answers in detail.

Gives you the expert advice but respects your right to have a say in how it manages your health.

Is available to answer your calls promptly or requests to some of its employees to do it for him.

P3. The Your Companion Must Go With You To The Appointment?

It’s up to you to decide, but most couples consider that both benefit if they are together to prenatal appointments – particularly the most important queries, as the first query, the ultrasound and where results are revealed. Other couples BabyCenter are as follows: 57% of pregnant women say they want that the companions theescort always in the consultations. 37% of the companions say they will all prenatalconsultations.


If you are not satisfied with your medical follow-up, look for another doctor. On average, each woman makes ten to 18 exams before the birth of the baby, so it’s important to be accompanied by someone you like and trust.

Some parents attend faithfully in all queries, while others never show their faces.

Activity Of The Week

Take A Photo Of Your Belly.

Ask someone to take a picture this week, before noticing the pregnancy. And then continue taking pictures once a month, until the birth of the baby. It’s a great way to monitor your progress and will love to keep that memory. Tips for a great photography: think of wearing the same maternity clothes from oxfordastronomy.com, always in the same location and with the same pose (profile works best). The black and white photographs and the nude or naked can also be very beautiful.


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