The “Active” S5 – Samsung Galaxy s5 Active

[Update 26.05.2014] Evleaks has done it again and provides us with the first image of the Samsung Galaxy S5 active. The model shows the AT & T version of the Samsung device. The photo can be seen below.

For some time, rumors about the Samsung S5 active ghosts in various forums. Many questions, whether it only invented is because this device category actually because the Galaxy S5 should fall away. The Samsung S5 has an IP certification, representing the feature last year at the S4 active.But as we know Samsung, they will create new mobile categories, so that a number of (different) smartphones available on the market available.

The guys from TK tech news have published probably everything, what you should know about the S5 active. Several videos about an AT & T version of the S5 active in the network provided, among others, the comparison with the S5, exclusive features and some info about the camera. We show you where the differences are and how it has improved when compared to the S4 active.

Appearance of the Galaxy S5 active

In the rough, the S5 active is very similar to the Galaxy S5. The differences are more likely to see in detail.On the front, we have 3 hardware buttons on the S5 active while the S5 only one physical button for the home button has. The other buttons, “Back” and “Multitasking” are still available as a touch-buttons on the S5. A big difference is the fingerprint scanner; This is not to be found in the S5 active. This can be also related that a prior series device is in the video. Another feature is that Samsung in the S5 active has built an “active”key. This is a multi function button that is placed above the volume rocker and can be configured freely. You can press to the “active zone” (later) come or open the camera app. It can be used as a camera shutter, which is very helpful for underwater shots. In design, the S5 active akin the S4 Active as the S5 because it dispenses with a perforated back.

The S5 active software features

Here, Samsung bought an app, the S5 active the “active zone” means. It is a platform that brings together up-to-date information and offers features, which are used mainly in the outdoor area. Not include a compass, a barometer, a flashlight and a stop watch. Also there is a shortcut to S health. A barometer is also not in the S5. It is used for the measurement of the atmospheric pressure and the altitude. Thus, you can have the most important information in an app for outdoor activities. A very useful platform as we find.

Hardware equipment of the S5 active

TK news reports as well on an optical image stabilizer, how to find it also in the LG G2. This was missing in the Samsung Galaxy S5. The videos show that the S5 active much less of shaky shots is affected. A super AMOLED display is used, which resolves with 1920 x 1080 pixel screen. With its predecessor, the S4 active, it was still an LCD display. Also seems to be 5.2 inches tall, which is more than in the S5 0, 1″ display. Otherwise both S801 processor are equipped by Qualcomm and are also 2 GB memory find. The construction gives the impression that it will be a shock-resistant than the S5. You can watch the video comparison here again: