The Apple Iphone 5 in the Test

Huge demand and clear victory over the Samsung Galaxy S3
Apple disciple of all men countries welcome the new iPhone 5: slimmer, lighter, larger display, LTE, better camera, more battery life, new lightning connection, smarter Siri-the iPhone 5 rocks The smartphone world. In any case, the prospect of the data promises. But does the new iPhone keep what it promises? We take a look at Apple’s newest smartphone flagship in our video and show you what’s really going to be the hype for the new iDevice.

The iPhone 5 wins the case test against the Samsung Galaxy S3

The colleagues from Android Authority have done what would be the biggest nightmare for the normal user. They let the Apple iPhone 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the fall test.Both smartphones were dropped from their pocket, chest and ear height. The result may surprise one or the other, especially considering how vulnerable the iPhone 4S was to crashing, but Apple seems to have learned in terms of robustness and wins against Samsung.Even a fall from ear height seems to leave little marks on the new Apple iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 from Samsung, however, makes a fall from breast height limp. It can still be used, but the surfing does not really fun with a cracked display.

Win the iPhone 5 at the Cyberport-Gewinnspiel on Facebook

Until the end of the week, our contest is still on Facebook. In other words, we reach the 40,000 fan brand by then, we raffle two iPhone 5 and 20 vouchers worth 50 euros each. So just become a fan of Cyberport on Facebook and win! The more friends you invite, the faster the raffle will be raffled and we’ll put some iPhone (s) on it until the end of the action (30.09.2012).

Current delivery situation

According to experience, it will take some time until Apple’s new iPhone is available in the onlineshops. After the masses on Friday in front of the Apple stores legs in the belly and many disappointed without iPhone went back home, it means waiting for all interested, wait and wait again. So that you do not miss the appearance of the iPhone 5, you can simply register with this form. As soon as the trucks with the smartphone hit with us in the Cyberportwarehouse arrive, we will inform you.