The Battery Is Dead? Stay Tuned

I believe that all campers have a concern when they are in a place without taken: I’m going to be without a cell phone, camera, flashlight, etc.

There are a few ways to stay “Connected” even without power from the mains.

Pictured above we have some examples of “trinkets” that can solve this problem.
Solar 10 Watt Solar Panel Instapark Portable Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports
Radio charger Ambient Weather WR-111B
Battery charger AA and AAA Solar Battery Charger
Rechargeable battery EasyAcc 4 x USB Output Port 12000mAh External battery pack

Let’s start with the rechargeable battery. It has 4 USB ports with different capacities. Since the normal 500mA USB to a potent 2000mA USB capable of carrying an iPad. Their load capacity is very large and has enough power to charge an iPhone 4 times (or 4 phones at the same time). The blue lights are to indicate the remaining charge.

You can charge the battery by plugging in a USB charger or a door from your computer until all the blue lights are lit. Cables and adapters (above) that accompany the product allow you to connect to virtually any type of USB device, so iPod’s, iPhone’s, USB lanterns and almost all your paraphernalia won’t be without power so soon.

This battery charger is very interesting because it can charge AA batteries or AAA.

The battery compartment has a cap for protection. Has a battery indicator with 3 leds in the colors of a traffic light. Can be folded so that the size of a SOAP dish.To work well, you need to be well positioned for the light of the Sun and of course, if the weather is cloudy will take longer to charge their batteries.

Looking forward we see a USB port to charge a phone or other device USB and also a mini USB port for use as a normal charger, plugged in a USB source.

This small radio is one of the most interesting. Has a solar plate on top that can carry his internal battery. But if you do not have sufficient sunlight, you can use the internal Dynamo with a crank. His functions are: Radio AM/FM/NOAA (NOAA is a band with still broadcasts of time and used for alarm of storm, hurricane, Tornado, etc. in the USA), flashlight, cell phone charger via USB port.

Here at ListofledLights, he has incorporated a 3 LED flashlight and can be loaded by turning the crank, sunlight or plugged into a USB charger.

Finally we left the better. This plate photovoltaic (solar) has the capacity to generate up to 10W of power, this is equivalent to 2000mA, i.e. can load up an iPad a day of bright sunshine.

Has within a Pocket two USB ports which allows putting the phone to load protected from the Sun.

He has some handles to be hung on the tent or even in your bag, so you can walk with him in the back, on the bag, reloading your phone or other USB devices.

He closed the size of an iPad and have a finished in a black fabric well. The set is well protected, but should not be worn or forced inside the backpack under penalty of irreversible damage.

Well, I believe many have any curiosity about these types of equipment.
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