The Best Nalgene Bottles For Your Adventure

This summer we have suffered one of the waves of heat of the past few years.But we are sure that if you’re an adventurer or an adventurous, that not you has stopped to meet your goal.

We want to accompany you on your adventures in Nalgene and hydrate you to give you that chute of energy necessary to conquer all that you propose. For this reason campingship recommends the best bottles to go out and give everything without worrying about more than your final goal.

The Best Bottles For Adventures

Nalgene Multidrink Bottles

The Multidrink is one of the most popular bottles between athletes and it doesn’t surprise us at all: its capacity is perfect for the occasion, 600 ml, a lot but enough to not be a burden.

But the great jewel of this bottle is your Cap: three ways to drink depending on the occasion. You don’t have the free hand?No problem, you drink from the straw. You can also do it with narrow mouth or also by opening the cover completely, put ice, pieces of fruit or whatever you want. Many options in many colors for the more adventurous.

Bottles Nalgene On The Go

Another classic adventurer is OTG, also known as On The Go, one of theNalgene bottles with ring, perfect for hanging the backpack and forget you completely. Don’t worry hits, Nalgeneenduring it all. With a capacity of 750 ml and 3 different colors, OTG is a great choice for hikers and cyclists.

In addition, it also has its own neoprene cover in the event that you want to protect it a little more.

Nalgene Oasis Canteen

And we could not forget the Water bottle, Nalgene Oasis. A more classical forms of drinking fresh water, with a classic but modern design and in two different colours: grey and red. Are you going to say that you don’t know already about thewater bottles? Eternal companions of adventurers, there are classics that never go out of fashion.

We hope that you already know what Nalgene you stay for your next adventure. Who knows, maybe you have encouraged planning one this weekend only to release it. From Nalgene, we want to keep a healthy, active and healthy lifestyle. And always hydrated!