The Best Running Shoes

Want to venture into the world of racing but I don’t know what are the best running shoes for every kind of passed? We help.

The running has gained more and more followers over the past few years. Despite this being a sports practice available to all at a relatively low price (does not imply registration to the gym and you really only have to wager the purchase of sportswear), it is not enough to want to run. Why? The reason is simple: should always choose the best running shoes for every kind of passed.

Types of passed

If you’re looking for the ideal footwear for running, must begin to realize what your kind of passed. This way will prevent injuries and maximize your income.

There are three types of passed:


The foot touches the ground supporting the inside of the heel and keep the movement inside. In this last type of support is made on the inner side of the foot.


The foot relies on the outside of the heel and therefore the movement continues in the outer side of the foot.


The foot touches the floor supported by the outside of the heel but continues the movement inside.

The best running shoes for every kind of passed

To choose the best footwear for you must do a test to figure out what are its characteristics. Several sports shops (Sportzone, Pro Runner) make these tests (with variable price and a duration of approximately 30 minutes).

The test is done by a specialist who accompanies the whole process and makes a final report where it is stated the best type of footwear.

Passed pronadora

ASICS Kayano 23

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PUMA 600 S Ignite

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Outpace Proteus

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Neutral Last

Asics Gel-Flux 4

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Nike Downshifter 7

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Puma Meteor

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Passed Supinators

Nike Free 5.0

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Saucony Progrid Lancer

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Reebok Sublite XT Cushion

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These are just a few examples of the best sneakers for each kind of passed. The options on the market are varied, as are the prices. Choose the right footwear for you and avoid injury and unpleasant surprises.