The Best Vanilla Perfumes

Links: Insane Cologne Absolute by Atelier Cologne. Mid: “Lira” from XerJoff is an opulent scent with vanilla, licorice and lemon. Right: Chypre vanilla by Montale with Mountain Rose, vanilla and incense.

“All men love vanilla,” said Chandler Burr, the best perfume critic in the world. Also, one reason why women buy perfumes with vanilla fragrance. Others are: vanilla smells sweet candy and evokes childhood memories of baking at Christmas time. And: the warm scent can dream of exotic climes.

Orchid plant based inter alia on Tahiti and Madagascar smell is sensual and erotisierend, seems yet at the same time carefree and sensual. No wonder that many men love the smell. Many perfume classics such as, for example, Shalimar by Guerlain or J’adore by Dior contain essences, which have a scent of vanilla. There are however some perfumes, which dominated uniquely by the scent of vanilla and intensively on the PL Baking or remember an exotic spice market.

Cookies Fragrance and Caribbean Flair

A sweet and at the same time lighter fragrance with notes of vanilla, jasmine and lime, combined with oakmoss, vanilla is wood and the spicy touch of coriander Insane Cologne absolue by Atelier Cologne. The Cologne is an unobtrusive and yet clearly vanilla, fragrance that reminiscent of lemon vanilla cookies thanks to the light concentration. Sublime vanilla, the first creation of “Les Royales exclusives” comes from the Traditionsparfumeuer creed-collection. The scent combines vanilla from the Comoros with a rich floral note, tonka bean, make a Caribbean scented perfume sublime vanilla lemon from Sumatra and bergamot. The mouth-blown Crystal Flacon makes good on the dressing table.

Vanilla Perfumes: Oriental and Opulent

Chypre appears however, mystical and – typical of the French Perfumer Pierre Montale – Oriental vanilla by Montale. Tibetan meet Mountain Rose and vanilla amber, incense, sandalwood, and tonka bean. Chypre vanilla makes think of a spice market in Arabia and from 1000 and one night dream. Lira by the Italian Parfumhaus XerJoff is still abundant. Already the Golden Flacon with a tassel looks like a love potion. Citrus, lavender flowers, Bulgarian rose, and Egyptian Jasmine enter into a liaison with vanilla, caramel, licorice and cinnamon. Lira smells intense and temperamental and is long-lasting on the skin – no scented water for lovers of subtle scents.

Important: High-Quality Ingredients, More Economical Use

The scent of “Vanilla” by Mona First Orio commemorating an old ship on the way a charge to Madagascar, which has rum barrels, Orange, vanilla beans, Ylang-Ylang, clove and sandalwood on board. The vanilla is sensual and smoky instead of candy on – thanks to the use of real vanilla instead Vanillins. Natural ingredients can make the difference between fine aroma and obsessive or cheap smell. Their economical use is almost more important in vanilla scents, however: two small drop – one on the hairline on the neck, one in the cleavage – range completely, to smell for the men to eat.