The Choice of Wedding Dress

By Maria Fernanda Bautista

These days I met a girl who came to my job asking that we make your wedding dress… but has been a mess, let’s agree on what the design! Everyone says, she chooses something and then see more images change your mind… anyway, that I gave the idea to give them some advice if they don’t even know how to choose your wedding dress from

Try On Many Dresses

Este point has ‘pros’ and ‘cons’. When you don’t have an idea clear of what you want, I suggest you first visit (magazines, internet, catwalks, etc…) image banks and choose the style you want: Princess, Mermaid, strapless, halter, asymmetrical, Sweetheart neckline in the back. Based on this, the second step is that you go to the place of your choice and try you dresses based on the preset you’ve already done. But not you shut to more options, since many times dress that you think that you will promote this does not… then exercise will help you to know exactly what you like, and more importantly, that you have well and not.

If you’re going to go with any designer, it will help you to make a rain of ideas that complement the image that you have of your dress.

It Is Considered The Concept Based On Which You OrganizarÁS Your Wedding

Decoration, location of the ceremony, colors, that is if you chose to be thematic, etc. The point is that all these elements be combined harmoniously and perfectly to accompany your dress, not overshadow it or make it look out of place. Also must worry about wrap bouquet of bride, shoes, jewelry, the League, the Bridal Veil, wedding and other accessories you will need.

The Dress Should Be Tailored To You Or You To Dress?

Remember, you are the star of the day and you look beautiful without losing your essence or your personality. It is not “dress up wedding”, it tries to find the dress that makes you look beautiful and unique but at the same time makes you feel safe and comfortable.

It is not good to go with many people to the wedding dress test, since many times this leads to confusion, all think and you are done choosing the dress that they like each other and not you. Listen to all opinions and values the options you have, but chooses that moment to people that can help you objectively and constructively… don’t forget that finally the choice is always yours.

Plans With Time

Do not leave everything to the end… don’t want to be uncomfortable that day for your hairstyle, shoes and other details! Agenda with time your evidence of makeup and hairstyle to be sure that they according to your dress.

Already No More Tests!

If you already chose the dress, do not ever go to try more… only will generate you confusion, you estresará and you also possibly delay the work of your designer or your own plans since’re you constant changes to the dress and possibly turn out to be something that you didn’t want to . Already do not see images… concentrate on tuning the rest of the details and if possible, ask your designer who will give you a copy of the sketch that they produced together, that will calm your anxiety, I say this from experience.

Remember to take things calmly, resorts to people objectively and patient who will help you and the Middle East to choose something that you favor, you love and make you look spectacular most important day!