The Different Materials for Wedding Rings

As a visible symbol of the marriage of two people and the desire to live together together, wedding rings have a very special status: hardly any other piece of jewelry has such an emotional significance as this pair of rings.

Wedding Rings Have Been Worn Since Ancient Times

Already the ancient Romans and Egyptians exchanged two similar rings as a symbol of their love. In the case of Christians, on the other hand, wedding rings symbolize fidelity and consistency, which the bride and groom swears before God during a ceremony (wedding). Rings have neither a beginning nor an end, so also the connection of the lovers should be.

Apart from the emotional importance, all couples who are looking for wedding dresses also need to know something about the material. Wedding rings are now available in many different versions. A trauring must be long-lasting, on the other hand, it is worn every day, but at the same time it is also stable and fashionable.

Materials and colors are as different as their carriers. Colors motivate and stimulate people. They fit into various outfits and sometimes even personalities. When choosing the material, bridal couples have a wide range of gold, platinum, silver, steel, titanium and palladium . You can find out which material matches a pair.

Gold Is Eternal

In the Volksmund, it is often heard that gold is eternal. That may be true, but this wisdom can not be applied directly to wedding rings, the reason: they never consist of pure gold. Pure gold is very soft and would wear out quickly. Therefore, the rings consist of an alloy of gold as well as other metals such as silver, copper, nickel and so on. In the case of nickel, it is important to be cautious, many people are allergic to it . The actual gold content, given in Karat, reveals a stamp in the ring. A large part of the wedding rings bear the stamp 750, corresponding to 18 karat gold. This means that a total of 1,000 metal parts come with 750 parts of pure gold. This ring has an appealing color, it is robust and is perfect for everyday life. Clearly lighterWedding bands 9 carat (375er gold), but they are also cheaper. 333er gold (8 karat) are not to be found at Trauringen usually. The highest gold content (24 karat) is not recommended, since it is very soft and quickly scratched.

With Platinum Show Great Emotions

Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Silver Platinum Platinum Silver Platinum Platinum Silver Silver Platinum wedding rings are the true bestseller in almost all wedding favors. They are elegant and classic. Due to their simple form, they are timeless, thanks to the above-average width but also very expressive. Why more and more couples prefer this timeless form is easy to explain: their wedding rings should be enjoyed in 50 years. As one of the purest jewelery metals, platinum is generally processed with a fine content of 950/000. Of the 1,000 jewelery elements, 950 are made of platinum. In addition to classic, simple designs, platinum wedding rings are also available in individual designs.

Gorgeous Gloss With White Gold

With a splendid silver gloss, white gold is a particularly beautiful material for wedding rings. For stylistic reasons, many couples do not want wedding rings of yellow gold and are therefore looking for alternatives. For many, the choice would automatically fall on silver, but this material is not particularly suitable for wedding rings. Silver is relatively soft and discolours with time. If you can not afford platinum, you usually choose white gold. This comparatively young material has existed since the beginning of the 20th century. It is an inexpensive alternative to platinum and is suitable in combination with diamonds because it gives it a radiance. Even if the name is white gold, the material can never be white, it always has a light yellow. To achieve a silvery white, white gold jewelery is often coated with rhodium. Like all other jewelery, white gold is also available in alloys with different gold content.

Materials That Are Rather Unlikely:

Steel&Titanium: Both materials are extremely stable and available in many variations. Compared to other ring materials, steel and titanium are relatively inexpensive. Titanium can not cause allergies; in steel it is very rare. Nevertheless, both materials are not suitable for wedding rings, because they can not be changed in size.

Silver: The material shines in a beautiful white color. The price for silver is primarily the favorable price, which is why it is often used for friendship rings. Silver is not suitable for wedding rings because of its unfavorable material properties. Silver alloys are very soft, the material scratches easily and discolours over time.