The Famous Fashionistas Hairstyle 2016

For a long time we saw the famous fashionistas and use in events, red carpet the wavier hair and messy isn’t it? But how much change in fashion in the world of beauty is no different and even the hair style seems to be changing between them. In fact this type of hairstyle I’ve noticed a good time but it seems that only now is showing up in weight among the fashionistas. The famous hairstyle is known as “hair licked” or “wet” effect, I don’t know if there’s a technical name for it but it’s like he looks, you know when you get out of the bath, comb your hair back and passes a spray for him to be stopped? Is exactly that. Very practical! Famous like Kim Kardashian has already used this hair style for a long time, but now his sister Kendall Jenner and other famous as Gigi Hadid also joined.

How to use? The way you want, you can be with all your hair back, can be divided in half or even half of one hand you know? Can use loose, arrested and even with braid, there goes your imagination and creativity. I joined several inspirations for you.

How to make your hair:

Wash your hair.

Only use the towel to dry them.

With the wires still wet, apply the gel or spray to your preference.

Comb the way you prefer.

Be careful not to spend too much and get gel or spray the wet effect and look that is super greasy and dirty, so you have to always use common sense!

I particularly love this effect and I can say that I’ve used and loved it! I want to use again. And you what do you think of this style? Would they use? Tell me!