The LED Ribbon

Want to renew your fixtures? So you will take a few meters of LED ribbon? Flexible, monochrome or multicolor, economical to use, easy to install in the kitchen, in the living room, around the terrace …

The LED Ribbon

No you are not in a science fiction movie! Listofledlights will talk to you about installing a ribbon of light: a few centimeters to several meters, 8 to 10 millimeters in thickness and width and which illuminates like a lamp …

Where To Install An LED Ribbon In Your Home?

Apart from some technical constraints because it is still necessary to have a power supply and to respect certain safety standards , you caninstall LED ribbons almost everywhere :

To illuminate a work surface or a corner bar positioned under a high cabinet

For ambient lighting , installed on a cornice and turned towards the ceiling

In main lighting, provided you install a sufficient number and power

Around the terrace or the pool

To highlight a niche, showcase, shelves, etc.

Let your imagination express itself, the LED ribbon adapts to almost any fantasy.

It has the same characteristics as the SMD LED bulbs which compose it: It lasts long, consumes little and gives a good luminosity.

How To Choose An LED Ribbon?

This choice depends primarily on its use.

Depending on your use, decoration, indirect lighting or main lighting, you must choose the right light intensity . This is expressed in lumen.More than the number of LEDs per meter of ribbon, it is the quantity of lumens delivered which is important because the quality of the LEDs is variable.

For a beautiful lighting, be careful on the color temperature that will define a warm white or a colder blue bluish.

One of the really nice side of the LED ribbon is that you can choose its color. Depending on where you want to highlight, choose yellow, red, blue. And with an RGB ribbon (multi-color) the whole color palette is offered to you! These ribbon is accompanied by a remote control and an infrared or radio frequency (HF) controller which will allow you, by modulating the power supply of the various ribbon chips to obtain the desired color and to vary it, To switch from one to the other, to flash … in short, to move from the fairground atmosphere to a Zen environment in seconds.

Some Practical And Safety Rules For Installing A LED Strip

Installing an LED ribbon is child’s play, but there are some rules to follow. Once you have determined the use of your LED ribbon (s), choosing colors and locations, you must connect it to a power supply.And most tapes work in low power, 12 or 24 volts. The choice of transformer is therefore essential. Its power must be at least equal to the total power of the LED ribbons. A power of 10 to 15% higher is even better.

With a simple pair of scissors, you can cut your ribbon to the desired length. The cutting areas are clearly visible. A fitting between the sectioned parts must then be used.

Also, despite its flexibility, avoid straight corners. Use clip connectors. These will also be used to connect different ribbons.

For your visual comfort lay the ribbons so that the LEDs are not directly visible. There are also profiles that hide the ribbon and only let the light pass.

For outdoor or wet installation in a bathroom, for example, the LED ribbon, connections and power supply must be waterproof (IP 67 minimum)

For A Personalized Decoration, Let Yourself Be Tempted By The LED Ribbons …