The Most Desirable Bags

Today I’m talking about those handbags purses of the moment (It Bag), the more you want, the most coveted, the queue, and, of course, that cost the “expensive”. And maybe not even selling their corneas, there will be the possibility to buy them, because really the waiting list for one of these is huge.

I know, I know! You will say: “Yes, I have no interest in seeing this article, because I have no money to buy a bag of these.” Don’t worry, I don’t have.


This is where you enter my part in bringing to you, items of fashion with affordable price.

As we have already said our late Get-together: “nothing is created, everything is copy. Yes everything is copy and that’s good, because what would be of us poor mortals, if there were no copies around. I mean copy, don’t “pirate”.

I’m not promoting the “piracy”, because I’m referring to a model that has been used to develop other model like, no label saying that this piece is such a brand. That means in the most common language of fashion “inspired”, a purse inspired, means was made basing on an original model, she doesn’t take the brand name anywhere, a replica, means that she will have all the same as the original (label, zipper, lining, etc), these are the famous imitations and that often makes us buy a pig in a poke.

But leaving aside, what is piracy or not, let’s get to it: SCHOLARSHIPS.

Now baglib will show you 4 models of handbags that are the darlings of the moment more and the better I’m going to show you where to find them by a precinho very, very friend even more.

Purse released by Mulberry inspirda on presenter Alexa Chung, costs on average £ 785 (around 2,000 R$ .00).

Alexa Chung, tv presenter of the program “It’s On with Alexa Chung of the American MTV.

Another famous It Bag brand Mulberry Bayswater, is so desired how Alexa and costs around R$ 1,500.00.

The House also stands behind not Balenciaga Spanish, led by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga considered the architect of high Couture, launched the balenciaga motorcycle model acclaimed by consumers of the brand.

We arrived in the darling of all and more expensive too, so famous and desired, worthy of taking the divas, the modern madness and veteran Birkin Hermes Paris brand.

The first bag of the brand was made especially for the actress Jane Birkin in 1984 by the Chief Executive Officer of Hermes at the time, Jean-Louis Dumas.

Since then, the stock market went to the top of the list of wishes of many, with queue up for 2 years to take his beautiful hands in a play so exclusive, made in a single cut, without amendments and it takes more than 24 hours to get ready. All this goes for less than R$ 13,000.00 (a básiquinha) and can reach exceed R$ 50,000.00.

And then girls, they’re going to want to how many??? One of each? Well, I’m in love literally by the Mulberry Alexa, I have the dream of joining several cents until I could buy, but I believe not manufacturing more. Therefore, the way is find the template by a precinho buddy, and more I found.

Now, let me show you why “thank God”, there are Renner, Riachuelo and C&A in our lives.