The Most Important Jewelers in Europe

Their diadems have always adorned the heads of the European aristocracy, their colliers are worn by famous necks, their names stand for high-quality jeweler art. These are the ten largest jewelry manufactures in Europe.

The Most Important Jewelers in Europe


The Maison Cartier stands for an inimitable success story . In 1847 by Louis Francois Cartier, the French luxury brand has been making finest jewelry for over 170 years. It was Princess Mathilde, a cousin of Napoleon III, who once discovered the work of the talented goldsmith. Later Louis Cartier’s descendants made contact with the Russian Zarenhof, Indian Maharajahs and Hollywood. It was also the French brand, which once launched the first aircraft watch, the Santos . Today, the name Cartier stands for the legendary Trinity ring, for the LOVE collection and for the Panther, the unmistakable trademark of Cartier.


Once established by Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, the exquisite treasures of the Pforzheimer Manufacture already inspired European kings houses at the end of the 19th century. Wellendorff has been working for the past 120 years on the credo of ” preserving values”. Symbolically, this is a classic of the luxury brand: the famous Wellendorff cord. Even today, the original costume is carefully made from up to 160 meters of the finest gold wire. The family business has now been managed for four generations, the managing director is Christoph Wellendorff. Together with his brother Georg, he finds inspiration among his own wives: Sophisticated, modern, professional mothers with traditional values. Likewise, the manufactory Wellendorff stands for authentic handling of handicraft art.

Pascquale Bruni

A relatively young jewelry manufactory and still one of the largest in Europe. Since its founding in 1976, Italian jeweler Pasquale Bruni has been pouring gold and white gold without creating cheesy. Already in childhood the founder Pascquale Bruni experienced the fascination of goldsmithing. Today, under his name in Valenza, the forge of Italian jewelry art, feminine pieces are made in crisp colors. The style of Pascquale Bruni is unique. Elegance, sensuality and modernity are the result of an all-encompassing alliance and the creation of emblematic jewels.

Victor Mayer

Although the economic policy constraints of the German manufactory Victor Mayer removed the Faberge license, the jeweler is still inseparably linked to Carl Faberge, since the company followed the footsteps of the famous Russian jeweler in the 1980s. However, the name Victor Mayer still stands for the highest goldsmithing – even since the foundation in 1890. The treasures of the Pforzheim manufactory are elegant, playful, colorful but never overcharged To lose a modern relationship.


There is hardly a French jeweler with a long history: as early as 1780, the company founder Marie-Stephen Nitot opened his manufactory Chaumet . Napoleon made the jewelry master known all over Europe, because he loved to wear his creations. Previously, Marie-Antoinette decorated with the fine treasures. The French Revolution of 1894 finally brought Chaumet to London, where Queen Victoria was able to convince herself. In the Golden Twenties the style of the jeweler developed more strongly to Art-Decoration. Today, diadems belong to the specialty of the company, the royal essence is still to be found in the form language. This is often the case with imaginative jewelry from the Chaumet manufactory.


An unmistakable concept has made Pomellato, a Milan brand, soon after its founding in 1967: before-keep creations, courageous forms, gemstones in every conceivable color and collection, always in the spirit of time – that is the secret of Pomellato. Each collection interprets the mood of the year in which it was created, thus trying to capture the peculiarity of a generation. In 1995 the subsidiary Dodo, which is characterized by a universal unisex design, was launched. Two years later Pomellato celebrated his fortieth birthday and presented himself as one of the youngest companies in the league of historically important jewelry makers.


It is one of the most famous manufactures in the world, but the history of Chopard is based on the High Clocks. The Swiss watchmaker Louis-Ulysses Chopard founded his workshop in the village Sonvilier in the middle of the Jura region, a conurbation for Swiss watchmakers. Chopard’s reliably precise craftsmanship quickly provided an excellent reputation for the manufactory. In the 1940s, Pforzheimer Karl Scheufele, who was able to offer a solid trunk of watchmakers and jewelers, joined the company and led Chopard for more than 40 years. Meanwhile, the brand is known for its fine jewelry and high art of watchmaking – and all this taking into account environmental sustainability.

Career y Career

Founded in 1885 by the sculptor Manuel Career in Madrid, the Carrera and Carrera manufactory concentrated early on exquisite miniatures. The handmade jewelry quickly gained fame among the ladies of the Spanish High Society. Even today, members of the Spanish royal family, as well as the international celebrities, appreciate the fiery sensuality and the energy of the Career y Career jewelry. Since the 1990s, the jewelry brand with the unambiguous double has taken over the market leadership in Spain and is now internationally present with 12 own boutiques and 300 sales outlets.

Brahmfeld & Good call

Already founded in Hamburg in 1743, Brahmfeld & Gutruf is the oldest, still existing German jewelry manufacturer. The young goldsmith Hinrich Brahmfeld quickly rose to Hamburg’s most successful jeweler. It was not long before the reputation of his perfect work had reached the Moscow czar as well as the Jewish upper class. But the company history of Manufakur is characterized by ups and downs and numerous setbacks. In the meantime, the traditon company is run by the jeweler family Freisfeld. This preserves the Hanseatic heritage and retains the distinctive style with clear, radiant forms and pure cabochon cut.


Playful and extremely Animal love: This is how one can describe the style of the French manufactory Boucheron. The traditional house has always remained faithful to its filigree-playful style and transforms precious stones into inspired jewelry extravagances. Meanwhile there is even a whole “collection of the animals”. Founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron, Boucheron has been one of the largest luxury manufacturers in the world for four generations. To this day one can admire historically valuable products of the house in the private rooms of the company headquarters on Place Vendome .