The New Winter Twist of The Shirts, Diesel-Generator

Some time ago mentioned the possibility of clothing this winter in Mensencia those nonos shirts that our mothers made us get when Christmas came and now seem to be returning. Snowflakes, reindeer, rabbits, borders… all served in this Ode to the charging.

However, some of you not you excited too the idea of wool with Christmas in your shirts, so tried to find something with which to show that everything can have a chance, I found this design of Diesel that you can make between my option and those who want something simpler.

It is a white jersey with number of reasons in the form of friezes in grey, both diamonds and some that another star and points all around the figure of the Mohican. Available in more colors and is priced from 120 euros. Is it a good choice for this winter? Do you believe most these shirts to children with swabs of snow?