The Outfits Adolfo Dominguez for East Favorites Autumn

Seems to be that hang on the web the complete ad and the winning outfits, elected by the own signatures and their image consultants, is increasingly fashionable. Fashion and, in addition, reaping an unprecedented success because the truth is that increasingly are more for the comfort of seeing an already built outfit or simply because they offer new ideas, copied almost verbatim with the subsequent purchase of garments that compose it. Come on, a commercial technique in all rule and with which I’m sure are being taken off some good sliced large firms, as it is the case of Adolfo Dominguez.

For this season Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, the firm opted for joining widespread trends from the rest of the collections and this translates into a massive use of dot, fairly open structures and asymmetrical cuts, a particular emphasis in the oversized and a flight from earthy to Jell, colors on notes of color in her looks despite being in autumn.

The crochet jerseys is a generalized tonic and few firms who do not have it in their capsule collections both their autumn lookbooks. Why? Well because while it breaks with the texture of the rest of clothes, we get a warm effect on the whole and gives us a greater possibility when combining with other garments with less consistency.

In addition to everything said above, is certain that it is a point much more warm and focused on articles that are intended to, as well as dress, protect us from the cold. May be why the geometric motifs used (such as photography jaquard) remember Christmas patterns, both the jerseys and hats.

We can find it in sweaters, cardigan and sweatshirts and, as we can see in the photo, handles enhance the colors that I have spoken before that Adolfo Dominguez has endeavored to introduce in their outfits for the fall season. Pants, on the other hand, do not have anything in particular, being most abundant the straight shot and hem…

… as well as some other more apitillados and together jackets and dos-cuerpos of the same material and design than the previous ones to offer us some total-looks like the top photo.

In terms of the outerwear, continue having of American, jackets and raincoats, with classic, pretty symmetrical cuts and tendency to linger before long to short in terms of size. With the buttons or with belt, they are clearly reminiscent of the years 60 and 70, as we’re seeing on the runways lately.

The footwear of these looks not stand out especially. They make it up dessert boots at its greatest extent, with some nautical or loafers, in shades of cream, earthy and black are not only but one extension over the whole unless they stand out over it for its originality or design.

Finally, Add-ins they follow their usual aesthetics and the truth is that we have a variety of them: scarves, scarves, wallets, belts, neckties and bow ties, hats, bags, bolsines… a wide variety of articles that far from fleeing from the trends in the general collection…

… they adapted to them and find, for example, scarves in bright colors, point hats or large buckles belts similar to those used in the trench to grab her body.