The Veldt Watch Calculates the Time You Spend with Your Family

It is sometimes difficult to spend time with your family. Between the hours spent at work, those lost in transit… Find moments where one feels calm and rested with his loved ones can often be a challenge. Yet, for many of us, it’s a necessity. 94% of parents want to spend more time with the family according to a study in the Journal of women. The Veldt Watch might give ideas. The Japanese manufacturer has been a smarwatch to help you spend more time with his family.

Veldt Intended For a Japanese Initiative

Do you spend enough time in your children? Tottori West Family Time Watch can answer this question for you. You give your loved ones a small sensor. It can communicate with your watch when you are less than 30 metres away, as insidewatch says. The time spent at short distance accumulates and is displayed on the screen. If you do not reach the objectives you set, an alert is sent to you.

Significant bonus, this Smart Watch also has options that will use more classic. It counts the number of steps you do, the quality of your sleep and can send you notifications related to your email or to your social networks.

Initially, it is not a watch which should arrive on the market for the general public. It was designed by Veldt to support an initiative of the Government in the area of West Tottori. The State wants to encourage residents to leave the cities to settle in this rural area. Each family who moved received a model of the watch of Veldt. If the operation is a success, maybe the watch will then available for sale.

Technology At the Service of Social Relations

This is not the first time that a Builder is working to help us in our social relationships. This seems to have become a trend on the part of businesses. Closer us through technology. A few days ago, we told you about a bracelet functioning as a “social coach” designed by the teams of the MIT. This helps you react in real time to the tone of conversation. An indispensable tool for people with difficulties in their social relations.

In June 2016, we also presented the “Wanderwatch”, a smart watch that you can use to restore a taste of outdoor kids activities. It also used a “magical sensor” to create different types of games or even a treasure hunt.

It is interesting to see that the connected objects, as the Veldt watch can help us in our social interactions. That should reassure critics who consider the development of the internet and new technologies to make us stay in our personal space.