These Clever Apps Make Life In Cities

Who does not know it?
Include the search for a suitable parking space for many people to live in a big city. For several minutes they curve around the block on the hunt after an appropriate hiatus. It comes after y pichardo, vice president of streetline, this problem soon belongs to the past. Because the parker app, which the company developed, indicating whether there are free parking spaces close to the destination, or whether the controlled car park has free parking. This is not the case, the app the driver points the way to the next best option. So far does this only in the united states soon to but with berlin the first german city follow.

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Smart cities

Parker and other apps were the stars on the apps for smart cities conference in amsterdam. They should help to make everyday life easier. With the app, users report fix my street from the UK about potholes in their street directly in the city administration. You simply photograph the broken body in the street with their smartphone and send the image with GPS data to the officials. A similar program developed the fraunhofer FOKUS institute in berlin. Fix my city, it should be possible to share potholes and broken lanterns on social networks. Updates also inform users about the processing state of the road damage.

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Apps are becoming increasingly important even in the travel industry. So, the british city of liverpool has its own app recently. Photographed with her attractions tourists and the program provides appropriate information. On request, see also restaurants and bus stops nearby. There are similar apps already for german cities, but without photo capability. However, as she informed app over the traffic jams hamburg or introduces the various districts. (me)