Tile Subway: Trend in Kitchen and Bathroom Decor

Those who enjoy decoration and are tuned in to the trends for home, already know that the coating of the time has name: the tile subway is successful in environments that ask for material, such as kitchen and bathroom.

But do you know the story of this decor darling?

Get To Know The History Of The Subway Tile!

The subway tile or subway tile takes its name precisely because it is the most used flooring in subway stations in cities such as New York and other world.

And this type of tile is nothing new: New York stations have received the flooring, combined with ceramic plates that identify each station there in the early twentieth century. The walls have gained restoration recently, further enhancing the unique style of the charming seasons.

Colors And Applications Of The Subway Tile

It is a fact that even if the most common color of the subway tile is white, there are other possibilities of colors for the coating, including other forms of application such as vertical, L-shaped and horizontal side-by-side.

For the classic white subway tile, you can choose between black (or gray) and white as the color of the grout. While the dark color enhances the brick-remining coating, white leaves the wall more clean.

Which of the two styles do you like best?

Do you like this kind of coating? Today it is possible to find it in home centers. For a more considerate solution, it is worth betting on wall stickers that imitate white tiles or tiles-which look very similar to the subway tile.

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