Tips for Buying and Packing Your Suitcase

The  suitcase is much more than a simple prop for travelers. She is a companion, since she will probably be with you on the most incredible adventures of her life. For this reason, it is so important to choose an ideal model according to your profile and your needs. And the options are endless.

Large, small, freighter, wheeled, with handle, cloth, microfiber, leather, nylon… Today, people end up getting lost among so many options. But of course each of them is destined for a more specific  travel style(and traveler). What you need is to find out which one is perfect for you.

But how to do that? What are the  main models  of suitcases? What travel styles are they most suitable for? That’s what we’re going to talk about below.

How to choose the ideal suitcase?

When it comes to defining which suitcase model is right for you, the first tip is to take into account three  essential aspects: strength, durability and loading. Of course it’s easy to get carried away by a pretty picture, but always value quality first-not just by the look of the item on the outside.

To make the right choice, you will invariably have to check the specifics of the suitcase: size, material, zipper, divisions… there are several aspects to be evaluated. That’s what we’re going to talk about now, to give that extra help at the time of purchase.

Big, medium or small suitcase?

The first aspect that you need to keep in mind before you go out in search of a suitcase is: what size do I need? Well, the answer depends on the  type of trip you will make, of course. People who spend a long period(half a year, for example) abroad, usually need a large suitcase to carry a larger volume of belongings.

In the case of a short holiday trip(from two weeks to one month), an average pack suitcase is a good size via Handbagpicks. Remember that less is more: carrying a giant suitcase can be a  nightmare in a short ride. Already in those trips style turns back the weekend, a small small suitcase is enough.

For those who travel a lot, it is worth investing in a kit with all  three sizes. So there will always be some ideal suitcase according to the occasion. If the budget is short, it is best to invest in the average suitcase: a more joker-sized and easy to carry, whether in the car or on an international trip.

Types of suitcases

When the subject is types of suitcases, the diversity is immense. And there are several  small topics to take into consideration when choosing. Below, we’ll talk a little bit about each one of them.


Worse than a suitcase without a handle, it’s a suitcase with no wheels. At least we believe in this philosophy: on a journey where you will have to carry belongings to all corners, the wheels streamline the process and make everything much more practical.

You can also choose between a model with two or four wheels. The most practical bag for those who need  agility is usually the one with four wheels, which rotate up to 360 degrees. Thus, weight transportation is facilitated. Mainly because it is possible to pull the luggage by the handle in almost any direction and position.

In short: in doubt, invest in the wheels.


Nowadays, bag materials are quite diverse-and companies are always launching novelties. But to summarize better, let’s split the models into two main types: rigid or fabric. In the category of hard luggage, there are those made with  high durability products such as polypropylene and polycarbonate.

Regarding the advantages of these models, it is possible to cite the resistance(after all, the suitcase has to survive the dispatch on the plane) and the fact of guaranteeing, thus, an  extra protection to their belongings. On the other hand, these versions also tend to be a bit more expensive and eventually in the face of a very big shock, the carcass can break or crack.

The fabric bags, made mainly in polyester or nylon, have the advantage of being a little lighter, more  flexible and cheaper. But the disadvantage is, precisely, that they are more fragile, which provides an accelerated wear. It is up to you to decide what fits best in your need(and budget).


The  internal divisions are a very important topic. Maybe you do not know yet, but there are already suitcase models with a half opening on the inside, so you can split your clothes on two different sides-making it easy to look for something specific. This style of baggage can also be used if two people want to travel with the same suitcase, each person has to dispose of their belongings in one of the cabinets.

The big advantage of the half-partition model is that, unlike the case that opens only as a “cover”, you do not have to  take it all in when you need something that is in the background. In that sense, it can be a good investment for those who do not always have a closet at their disposal on each trip.

If you usually make trips abroad and return with the suitcase fuller in the back than in the one way, it is worth investing in an  expansive model(those with an extra zipper that, when you open, increases the height of the luggage and guarantees a More space).


This is more a matter of personal and aesthetic taste. There are those who prefer models of more sober bags, others are fans of something  personalized with more striking  prints. Well, one of the advantages of color is the location: by investing in a more distinctive or vibrant tone, you can locate your suitcase even from a distance. But it is up to you to choose the one that most suits your personality.

In any case, always remember to put a  tag with your identification information in your luggage in case there is any problem of loss or theft.


The  safety of the suitcase is certainly among the main concerns of travelers. Currently, there are already models that come with a built-in padlock-which leaves the owner more relaxed about the protection of their belongings. But if you opt for a version that has no security device, add some.

One possibility is to invest in the TSA padlock, a model that can be opened with a  master key by customs, if necessary. This is to ensure that your luggage is protected, but will not be damaged in any way.

Children’s travel bag

The children’s suitcase requires some more specific care. In fact, the ideal is to have two suitcases. One of them, to keep always in hand, should contain all the hygiene items that you will need to access with ease during the tour. The ideal is to choose a model with straps and  padded, to  avoid damaging toys or any more delicate objects of the child.

Already in the time to choose the bigger suitcase, the tip is to opt for a model with enough  compartments and dividers. This reduces the possibilities of stress during the trip, since all the items of the child will be well organized.

Travel bag: how to choose the handbag

A subject that also raises a lot of doubts among travelers is the handbag itself, which can be carried inside the plane and attached to the cabin above the passenger seat. What kind of backpack can I take? What is the permissible weight? Well, these issues depend on the rules stipulated by  the airlines themselves. For most of them, the allowed dimension is 55 x 40 x 20 cm. The weight can not exceed 10 kg.

Regarding the style of luggage, it is up to you to decide: as long as you are within the criteria of size and weight, you can carry a backpack, a sports bag with handles, or even a  small bag of wheels. If you want practicality, opt for the latter option.

Travel Backpack for Adventurers

If you’re the kind of person who likes to explore the world without much planning, it certainly fits into the category of backpackers: those who literally throw a  backpack on the back and set foot on the road. For those who do not have a fixed itinerary, walks and uses public transport a lot, this baggage option surpasses the common suitcase.

But how to choose the ideal backpack, the one that will simply carry all your belongings? Well, the first step is to check the  size of the backpack, which is measured by liters: starts around 40 and goes up to 90 liters. If you are a minor person, do not opt ​​for a heavy one, as it will be impossible for you to carry it.

Then it’s time to check the  details of the model. The tip is to opt for one with enough dividers, expandable zipper, compression lugs and belly band-that handle that helps hold the backpack in the belly-and consequently distributes the weight better. The investment is not always low, but remember that this backpack will accompany you in all your steps, so praise for comfort.

Where to buy the suitcase?

Places to buy suitcases do not lack, right? You can find articles in specialty stores, department stores and even some sports stores(whether in Brazil or abroad). It is also easy to find many  modeling options over the internet, where you can locate different types according to what you are looking for.

For a first purchase, however, we suggest that you actually go to a store to see the model with your own eyes, analyze the features, the quality of the material, and all the details possible before  making the investment. This is the best way to assess whether cost-effectiveness pays off.

Tips for Finding Cheap Travel Bags

Finding a quality bag for a good price is not always the easiest job. The price range is quite broad, starting at around $ 100 to $ 1000. The way, then, is to pan: look in different stores and do a good  market research. As it is always good to see the item with your own eyes before you buy, you can go to the store and then check if you find the same model for a better friend on the internet.

By the way, on the internet you can invest in some tricks to find good options of suitcases without having to shell out all your savings. One option is to  subscribe to the newsletter of the stores in which you usually buy this type of article, to be warned by email whenever a promotion flashes or burns stock. So if you are not in a hurry, you can expect some of those moments and make a more strategic purchase.

It is also worth staying connected in discount coupons and promotional codes that the stores eventually offer on  special occasions or as a strategy to retain customers, which are usually disclosed by e-mail or through digital influencers(bloggers or youtubers) on social networks. Generally, you can get at least 10 or 20% reduction in the price with these discounts.

Lastly, the last tip is to keep an eye on  exclusively promotional dates. At Black Friday, for example, you can get huge discounts. But remember to stay smart and monitor the value at least a few weeks in advance: there are companies that raise the price before the date just for that Friday to lower the value and call it “discount.” Ah! And just shop on trusted sites, of course.

If you are not in Brazil, keep an eye on the  promotional dates of the country you are in. In London, for example,  Boxing Day(December 26) is a day of huge sellouts and most stores stick because it’s late Christmas. It could be the perfect day to hit the city and shop around-including that dream bag.

So, did you enjoy our tips for finding the ideal travel bag? What did you think of the article? Leave a comment.