Tips for Choosing a Helmet

Know what to take into consideration when choosing the protective helmet.

The  Helmet  is the essential accessory for every motorcyclist. Knowing how to choose one of these most important protectors correctly makes all the difference to ensure more safety when driving.

Safety experts agree that the most important factor in choosing a helmet is finding the one that fits properly in your head. A new helmet can be expensive, but it is worth spending extra time looking for the best helmet that is modern and beautiful, tailor-made for your head.

First choose a full-face helmet and not a “decorative” model. A bucket shaped  helmet(looks like a bowl of soup) or open will not provide the protection you need in high impact situations. Even though many of the more daring bikers choose these models, they are ineffective in terms of safety.

Having clarified this point, the first step is to measure your head. Even when you find that you have found the right helmet size, it pays to test it again before completing the purchase. Ask someone to help you with a small tape measure. With the result in hand compare it with the helmet sizes in the chart supplied by the manufacturers, always rounding them to the next largest number.

Then it’s time to try it. It is important to feel some resistance when dressing it, this is an indication of the appropriate size range. Unfortunately, most people tend to choose helmets that are looser on their heads, and this is wrong. Take the test, if the helmet looks very comfortable at first, you can try to decrease it a number.

Now that you have the helmet, find a mirror for a quick visual check, it should be directly over your head, without leaning forward and back. The eyes should be centered in the gap with the filling of the socket, and it is important to check for gaps between the fill and your head.

Notice if there is any pressure point. If the  helmet  fits correctly, the pressure should be distributed evenly around your head. Remember that the pressure may be only slightly irritating at first, but it can cause a terrible headache after an hour. So it’s important to test it in your head for at least 15 minutes before you buy it so you do not make a mistake.

Always make sure that it has all the appropriate safety and security seals, try not to always opt for the cheaper model just to save money, you should not spare with your safety. Look for references to know better about the brands that interest you, and always choose the safest and offer more guarantees, after all you can not put a price on your life.