Tips for Choosing Prom Dress

“This Dance Me mademoiselle?” How many times have you heard and saw that phrase out of the mouths of actors in movies or sitcoms have and was wondering if you are invited to a waltz with that wonderful guy? AAA dreams! The Waltz is the official dance of various types of celebrations such as weddings, parties of 15 years and also graduations.

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And speaking of graduation, this year you can finally get your diploma! After many studies, preparation, running and very tough tests, you finally reach the last year with honors and is now in preparation of

your long-awaited graduation. Graduation is not just a party, it is the party that will make the transition between you and a professional student of success.

So it should be fun and with the perfect everything, including (and if you don’t say one of the most important items) the prom dress has to be ´ ´ “dress.

In the Homosociety for a wide range of maxi dresses, colors and clothes, each with a unique style and perfect for you. But what is the perfect dress for you to use in your school or college graduation? Which will combine more with your body? What color is flawless? Learn more in this article full of tips, photos and templates to give you the most incredible in the world in a graduation gown more than wonderful.

Prom dresses, never spent a period as magic as now. Those who like shorter dresses necklines, backs the show dressed up in lighter fabrics, can now find them and for prices and conditions much more interesting and accessible than before.

Long ago, the Prom dresses were just formal and basic style: long, all closed, tops with straps and just. What could a broken on that sober effect and without grace, were the colors that have always been alive in Prom dresses. But for those who tired of this style, there is now less models behaved that leave you beautiful, on sets and chop up there to end up in the joy of your graduation party until the morning of the next day.

But what are the trends of today’s Prom Dresses? See what styles and templates that are up this year and don’t miss your chance to go on your graduation, with a stunning model that makes you even more diva!

Shine very bright!

Prom dresses always liked to appear but as never before now! The brightness is everywhere: it is a detail in the barred or cleavage, is wounded in front of dress or is it all shiny but always in style, no Carnival. The brightness in case of Prom dresses is completely acceptable and almost a must, since graduation parties are done and need a night up in the magic of the place.

Amazing colors!

The colors of Prom dresses pretty much follow a rule: black, white, blue and pink. With a yellow or green appears. It may sound cliché, but although other colors take place, these 4 colors can still be versatile playing with shades and having some differentials depending on the trim of the dress. But of course you can use other colors, but the powers that be in the Proms in Brazil outside is pink and baby blue, black and white … the silver also when you leave the brightness highlight it with force.

Prom dress short or long?

There are still some contradictions and why not say, picky between the girls who think that every party dress needs to be long and who want to innovate and go with a basic short. Nowadays there is no longer a requirement to be exclusively a long dress that will give the tone of the party.Short is already taking forward the holidays for some time, since he has left the girls of graduations feeling younger, beautiful and free to enjoy the party with all the energy that your young age can offer. But there are some tips you should follow to avoid being embarrassed or finish with your production:

See the girls of your class, if all they’re going to use long or short walks, at the discretion of the person. I say this because in some graduations room girls decide to go all over, until the picture appears a friend with a short … hit this before;

Cherish-but also be “simancol”. If your body isn’t, say, avoid using a very short dress that ends showing what should be hidden. Beware of excess material that can leave your look old, tacky and dull;

Try several times before you go model the party, making sure that that model of prom dress will actually be perfect for you.


The party dresses are really a sense and as such you want to appear on your graduation party. On the market there are several brands the rent prices are quite affordable. Avoid buying party dress as if you always want to go to parties and events, go with the same dress is terrible!

Rent the dress with a 1 or 2 days in advance so that if it takes some adjustment, you can get the store that are renting and set it up to make a possible exchange.

Always remember: the more you do not make your dress short gloss, shine on you! That is, go with a dress that has a shiny, otherwise you won’t show up and the pictures will be erased, even faintly.

Short from beginning to end, you deserve it!

You prepared to get up to your graduation, so it’s only fair that your dress as well as all the accessories are of excellent quality and even worth a bit. Is your party and your class, enjoy every moment because with these friends right now, only now you’ll have.Watch on drink, (if you do nothing to drink!) and have fun, this is your night so your short Prom dresses party and welcome to your new life!