Tips for Decorating with Pictures

Since the hanging of the paintings is a skill to balance color, style, size and choice of location will give you a few tips for decorating with pictures. Every gallerist or a specialist in  interior design is aware of the fact that the manner in which it is exposed picture on the wall it is crucial to serve its purpose.

The series of decisions on the location, style and size are able to change the overall look of the room. The feeling that emits each work of art of this type may also be affected. From the pictures that we have prepared for, you can get ideas for suitable places to put them, as well as ideas for a combination of several pieces.

One of our tips for decorating with pictures is not terrified by the idea that you do not have enough funds to buy something unique and great. Each work of art may seem unique and genuine, if beautiful and stylish frame, combined with the interior of the room. The place they had the picture, as we said, is also important. It can not even look good and work of Picasso, if in a dark corner of the corridor for example. Except for the location, think about the good light. We have shown in pictures a few ideas on how to deal with the decoration of the room and make it so that it can spurts style, attitude and inspiration for every visitor.

Tips for decorating with pictures :
1. Do not place any picture too high on the wall. This is a common mistake. Here it does not matter the type of room. There is no way to look good, it will not even be noticeable. Nobody will appreciate its beauty. The ideal height for positioning (in case no furniture in the picture) is 160 cm from the floor.

  1. If you place a picture on the wall above the fireplace, do not leave too much space between the top of the fireplace and beautiful work of art. You can make an exception only if space fill it with clock or similar object.
  2. If you’re up to do a composition of several paintings on the wall, arrange them first on the floor in order to make sure that will be sorted correctly and will look aesthetically.
  3. When a hang in any one picture it to engage both ends of the frame, not just in the middle. This will avoid shifting her.
  1. To make sure that the picture is correctly positioned, use a spirit level.