Tips for Dogs

Did you know that the mirrors can help the Cubs to socialize?Check out these and other fun ideas!

Your dog spends a lot of time alone at home? You go out to work and is sad to leave him alone? Did you know that you can leave your best friend routine more fun and less tedious, while I’m gone? How about meeting some suggestions of games to make your dog happy? His day will be nicer, you’ll see!

The dogs when they’re alone tend to divide the time between play and sleep. But, you can leave the routine of them nicer and less boring. Did you know? So,simple changes in your home or your garden can leave the day-to-day of your best friend.How?

You have puppies? They love to play, right? How about putting mirrors in the places that they usually play? Besides being fun, this activity helps the dogs to socialize. How about trying this first tip? Put mirrors in the House.

Have toys that stimulate active and interesting games, such as rubber balls that roll in different directions, toys for dogs via can bite with different shapes and textures, among others. These toys are easy to find, so I enjoy a lot of fun items to buy for your best friend!

Change the toys periodically. For example, if in a week you left a ball, the other put a little bone. When buying toys, do not place all at once. Go changing gradually, so that your best friend always have a new item to play and have fun!

How about getting a company for your best friend? Consider having one more dog. Dogs are pack animals and need companionship.
While you are out on a daily basis, let the radio or tv connected to your dog. So, they won’t feel so alone!

Let your best friend has access to the backyard. In this way, once he’s bored inside the residence, he can take a walk by outside.

Leave a good amount of food and keep the water container full and clean.

If you work and stay the whole day outside, you can ask a neighbor to walk with your best friend or simply ask him to go and see how your dog is.