Tips for Gang Dress

The jerk is known for being a party traditionally held in June, where the event is celebrated with much joy, and delicious foods and traditional dances of the month of June. In addition, there are the famous gangs where people are characterized with clothes style Hicks, the girls especially use gangs, where dresses are usually made with pieces of chess and colored patches in addition to a lot of income.

The gang dresses are one of the highlights of the festivities, that because the girls use the gang to stay dressed the character for the party and dance

to the sound of the jerk.And as the month of June is already coming, let’s talk today a little more about this party super excited and help the girls choose the gang dresses models will use.

The jerk or traditionally known as the feast of Saint John’s celebrates a long time in various places in our country. Here in region of São Paulo, for example, these parties are also known as fairs, generally are a kind of “fairs” will people dressed as Hillbillies, with colorful clothes, straw hats and women with dresses of gang.

The dance of jerk is known as gang dance, where usually there is a narrator who will targeting couples of the gang and saying the famous phrases of the party, like: “look at the strapless dress… is a lie”, among

In addition to the typical costumes and music, it is very common to perform fake marriages during the dance of the gang, which makes jerk even more fun and lively. The foods are another a party apart, and of course, are a delight, among the most famous dishes of the jerk, we can mention: NAW, sweet rice, Hominy, popcorn, curau, cake of corn, corn Cook and among other delicious recipes. Not forgetting of course the famous mulled wine and hot wine, that can not miss.

Gang dress –

And among all these good things that the jerk provides people, who else cares about are the women who participate in the dance of the gang and have to worry about the dress you will use. The gang dresses can be purchased at clothing stores, costume shops, or simply can be made at home, with your old colored dress that you no longer use. Just buy some patchwork and lace and cook your dress, leaving him totally customized.

It is worth remembering that the hips are pretty colorful dresses and flashy, with shorts underneath to add a rustic touch to the visual. Feet, women can invest in sneakers, shoes and boots back to leave the comfortable production. The makeup is another very important item in the jerk, generally women do some marbles on the cheeks with black pencil and marias-pigtails in her hair to give the final touch of the production.

Below you can see some modelinhos of conspiracy to dresses you aspire to and choose the model that fits better, according to your style and your personality. After the suit chosen is just enjoy the party.

How to make square dancing dresses?

After all, who never participated in a June party and of the dances of gangs? Surely, at least once in your life, you should already have if Hillbilly dress, must have painted the red cheeks and have done a few dots, or even used pants patched with pieces of chess and patches a moustache to be redneck style. These characteristics represent the jerk.

A tip for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money with these parties, is get that old dress that you no longer use, preferably to be rotated and customize it for your jerk.

To customize the dress, simply cut pieces of chess or checkers and sew fabrics. You can also make frilled with lace. The main rule for the jerk in the best way is to use your imagination and create your own gang dress. Then just do a makeup typical of midsummer, with blush well marked and with pintadinhas cheeks. The accessories such as straw hat, boots and scarf, are also indispensable.

Check out a small gallery of images with conspiracy to dresses you inspire.