Tips for Shoe Storage

According to a study, each woman has an average of 17 pairs of shoes. There are, of course, no limits to the top. But who does not know? Whether shopping through the city, going out with friends or going to the date with the sweetest, woman needs just the right pair of shoes for every occasion!

So that our loved ones will be happy as long as possible, we care and clean them. But what about storage? What is there to consider?

Dos And Don’ts

Basically, there are two essential points which should be considered in any case:

Always store shoes in a cool place.Leather shoes should never be put into the blazing sun, otherwise they will dry out rather quickly and become hard.

Especially in autumn and winter, it is important to allow your shoes to dry well after wearing.The best way to fill it with newspaper is to let it air dry.This prevents cracks in the material!

But Where With All The Shoes?

Before you get yourself a shoe cabinet, you should consider first for how many shoes he has to be designed. Especially with women with many shoes it is useful to separate the shoe collection according to seasons or occasions. In other words, all summer shoes can now be gradually simmered. Just put all sandals, ballerinas, toe separators etc. in fabric bags or shoe boxes and store them in the attic. Small tip: you can also stick pictures of your shoes to the cardboard box. So you find them, if you need them again, quite easily again

3 Ways To Put His Shoes On The Scene

Who does not dream of the walk-in wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw? But who has so much space? Especially in small rented apartments is usually very limited. We have put together three possibilities for you to put your shoes in the right place:

If you want to show your shoes both practically and creatively, the shoe tree is the right model.This canopy is made of a scaffold, reminiscent of the trunk and the branches of a tree. There are boxes in different colors and shapes into which one can put his shoes in and then put into the interstices of the tree. You can store your sneakers as well as your boots.

If you would rather have it, you simply buy a hanging “shoe bag” made of textile or metal.These can be easily installed behind the door or on the wall and stow away all his shoes in it.

The shoe carousel is much more unusual.This is a rotatable drum that is “clamped” between the floor and the ceiling. So your shoes are stored in a space saving way and you can easily find the pair you want to wear.

If you do not like any of these ideas, you can simply build your own dream shoe cabinet. For this fruit or wine lovers are already stacked according to taste. Still a little paint over and done.
If you want to have it even more fancy, take care of a ladder or ledge and bring it to the wall.Especially high heels can easily be pinched in the rungs of the ladder and are thus optimally set in scene! I’m sure you have other ideas, if you want to share them, leave us a photo onFacebook or Instagram ( with the # shoe space.