Tips for Short Dresses

In the past, going to parties such as family reunions, weddings, baptisms or any corporate event or high class event, women had to know that the only accepted dress was long and formal social. Women who wanted to break this paradigm and go to these events with short dresses, were targeted outside sets or patterns. But now as never before the short dresses have become a big hit.

You can’t see only in a long gown and always wants to be wearing something different and modern, that can be versatile and used in several events in several places, you need to know more about how social short

dresses came in once in our taste and now eventually earn even more acceptance than the ancient and traditional social long dresses. Learn more in this article.

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Most social dresses is used by young people. This is a type of dress that falls best in young people, by being better accepted in society. But, with balance in size and model, all women can wear short dresses.


It is worth mentioning that it’s not because they’re short that these models do not have class. For girls who do not want to be forced to face a boring party having to wear an outfit very social and serious, can opt for social dresses short and calling even more attention and success where to walk.

The important thing is to choose the model that best dresses for the occasion.


Unlike the long dresses, the shorter models give more opportunities to use accessories such as necklaces and bracelets. In the case of long dresses, usually a gold necklace and rings, as well as a discreet bracelet is close to production. Social dresses short leave the woman with more opportunities to dare and use more interesting and accessories that show even more your beauty.

What are the most sought-after models?

Everything will depend on the type of party, the atmosphere of the place, whether it is night or day and of course, your personality. The dresses with flared skirt or evasê, look better on skinny girls but not necessarily high. Usually these types of dresses are most suitable for use on hot days because they tend to be strapless or spaghetti straps, so the night as by day they are successful and the color and the most popular models currently has ties as accessories in the room, and wrinkled stem colors like pink and blue.

Other models that are doing very successfully at parties and social events, is the dresses with short skirt and in part of the hip with more loose with more volume. These types of dresses are perfect for warmer weather and are indicated for use during the day for prints and floral motifs.

Social short dress style that is most sought, are those with skirt open in evasê and used by girls and young girls in the home of 20 years. Looks good on the body and gives an idea of years 50, besides being very pretty and suitable for debutante parties. They handle, strapless or handle only one side, giving a special touch to your production.

The idea of social short dresses is the tip more youthful, romantic and intuitive for those looking to escape from the ordinary social dress long and not lose the charm and the glamour of the social costumes.

The long dresses lost a lot interest from women over the years, because your drawing straighter and without many details, or you could have some accessories and modifications, just getting too Sir over time, so the shorter dresses ended up becoming the darlings of the women.

Any woman of taste and who wants to follow a line of more modernity, elegance and sensuality, without giving up the romance and delicacy, can opt for shorter models. At weddings, parties and even social dresses short ballads are gorgeous.