Tips for the Holidays: Jewelry on Travel

Are the suitcases already packed, the tickets well stored and the Dauergrinsen booked? Then the long-awaited summer holiday awaits you. Am I right? At last they are there, the days when you say good-bye to everyday life and dive into a completely different world for a few days. But no matter whether it is a short break in the Northern European trend or an extended holiday on the beach in the Mediterranean region, there are always a few little things you should think of as a holidaymaker. This also includes which jewelery you take with you or take home with you. Because at the latest with the first steps on domestic soil, past the customs, it can be really tricky. What can be introduced, what values ​​are allowed, and which pieces of jewelry can be better left?1. Real jewelery with on holiday

Even on holiday you would not want to do without certain things.Jewelry is definitely one of them.But is it really advisable to take real jewelery with you on vacation?Basically, the decision is with you.And then it is also important where the journey goes.Because in many holiday areas there are unfortunately also areas where it can be dangerous (expensive) to wear jewelery.Before leaving, you should inform yourself about your holiday region in forums or travel agencies.Let’s take the current case of Brazil.There is a warning to wear jewelery as a tourist.He can be gone faster than he is.Even on the bright day and in the open.

2. Holiday tip: Jewelry in hand luggage!

If the jewelery with in the vacation, then packs it always into the hand luggage.Even if there are no Langfinger in the game, cases sometimes take a different route than their owners.And a happy reunion does not take place in all cases.And even if the content is insured and your airline is liable for it, some jewelry may be materially replaced, but the emotional value is often many times higher. It can not be replaced.

3. Checklist: Do I have to register jewelery at customs?

As long as you travel within the EU, there is usually no problem with your jewelery.It will be trickier if you travel to non-EU countries.There are certain upper limits.At the moment they are at 430 euros for travels, which were done by plane.To be sure, you can register jewelry that exceeds these values ​​beforehand.On the Customs website you will find forms for these occasions.

And when you are already in the process of informing yourself, it is best to take a step further.Because many a holidaymaker is already desperate at the supposed holiday snap.Although you can buy the most beautiful things on the beach in far countries, but not everything is allowed.There are many things that are not allowed in the area of ​​jewelry.Small example?Often jewelery is sold, which is made of mussels or corals or contains at least components thereof.In some cases these are, however, under species protection and may not be exported or exported to Germany.Again, a quick look at the website of the customs will help.So the holiday does not end with a nasty surprise.Here to the end again a small checklist, what is allowed and what is not.

  • Within the EU there are almost no restrictions, goods for personal needs may be taken away.Exceptions apply, for example, to tobacco products and alcohol.But you should not have problems with jewelery.
  • Be careful when traveling to non-EU countries.On the return journey, goods are only tax free (aircraft and ship) up to a value of 430 Euro.If you travel by car or train, then only up to a value of 300 euros.For teenagers under 15 years of age this value is 175 Euros.
  • Special arrangements can also be made when traveling to some areas of the EU.Although these areas are part of the EU territory, they are not part of the EU territory.Sounds confusing, does not it?These include, for example, Helgoland, the island group of Faroe Islands, Greenland and Gibraltar.
  • You should be careful when the following jewelery is offered in your holiday country.The import or export may be prosecuted.The goods would then be confiscated and often also a fine or a high monetary penalty.So you should leave your jewelery: jewelry and other ivory products, jewelry and accessories made of snake leather, elephant leather or elephant hair.Also, products made of caiman and crocodile shells, as well as jewelry made of corals, shells and snail shells and shield board may not be imported via rrrjewelry.

You will always get exact information at customs.The list above shows only examples and is not exhaustive, because legislation and freemasons always change again.And I’ve concentrated mainly on showing you how you should behave in terms of jewelry.

Where is your holiday this year?Will you take jewelery with you, or do you prefer to leave home?