Tips for Washing White Shirts

White is the color, which is a must in the wardrobe no man. Very probably hanging in your closet White Basic T-shirts to be worn under shirts, sweatshirts or nice jeans. But clothing is worn, of course, must also be washed. And to wash white shirt, is not so easy. Yellow sweat stains and a possible shrinkage are two of the challenges that you get to do this. In this blog article provides background information and tips for washing white shirts.

White Shirts Wash: How do you do that?

First, be sure to take into account the washing instructions that are in the shirt. So check first on the label and make sure that you are not too hot washed your garments. Especially T-Shirts Cotton run a stronger, if you are washed or dried at high temperatures. By setting low temperatures reduces the risk that the shirts shrink. A disadvantage of this is however that the shirts then perhaps not really come clean out of the machine. If you want to wash white shirt at higher temperatures, the purchase of t-shirts, which are suitable for this advisable. Here you are optimally served with T-shirts branded Girav. Both the yarn and the finished fabric of Basic Shirts by Girav is pretreated. Thereby, the shirts run a little.

prevent discoloration

In addition to entering filters for white shirts and discoloration during washing a danger. Please disconnect necessarily white and colored laundry. Also yellow sweat stains occur in white garments on quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your shirts shortly after wearing. If white garments are stay a few days, to yellow stains can hardly be avoided.

Washing instructions for white T-shirts

Each garment is different and has its own washing instructions. These make sure you know. The following recommendations apply to all white T-Shirts:

Wash rather at too low than too high temperatures.
It is advisable to wash white shirts as much as possible shortly after wearing.
Separate colorful and white linen.