Tips for Wearing Tube Dress

When it comes to classics of fashion, the dress tube type topping virtually as “the classic of the classics”. Us looks to teenage women, mature adult, he always present. The personal stylists and fashionistas are categorical in saying that a modern woman has to have at least one tube dress in the wardrobe, because it’s a basic play, but extremely eclectic.

This is because the tube dress has the power to exalt the feminine curves, without necessarily exposing them, as in the case of the “bandage” dress “. Its format inspired in a tube was created to collaborate for the balance

of the silhouette. It is precisely the simplicity of your cut, subtly fair to the body, which causes the tube dress is a wildcard when it comes to hide the extra pounds, stretching the female figure, giving you much sophistication belies.

This is the dress that allows a woman to be fabulous at any time and occasion, from work outside with friends, birthdays, proms, graduations, weddings, dinner parties and dating. Everything will depend on the style and accessories.

Black Cami Dress

The black tube, whatever the model, it’s a no brainer that never goes out of style. You can invest in a simple model, such as body, a strapless, Halter, sleeves, long or short, with sequins, sequins or fringe. The important thing is that he has to be in your closet, because more than once, it will be your best companion, especially on those days when you can’t decide which clothes out or is without any inspirations to create combinations.Is bet on the visual totalblack, put a little black dress and shine!

Color Blocking Cami Dress

The classic little black dress isn’t lost on the road and also adopts the trend Trend Color Blocking with amazing facility to let the female look quite colorful for the season, without losing the charm.

The Trend Color Blocking (block of colors) is one of the hottest trends for the season. As a colored block, it is made from the combination of two or more colors together. In the tube, it appears (such as magazine clippings) top, bottom or side of the dress, creating a multicolored graphics and breaking the “monotony” of color only.

The Trend Color Blocking in tube with differentiated textures like lace adds a special elegance to the dress.
Another alternative to using Trend Color Blocking with a plain tube is bet on the color block on bags, belts and sashes, shoes and accessories. They can have bright colors or soft, since harmonizing and contrasting with the tone of the dress.

Tips for using Tube Dresses

A small tube is guarantee simplicity and sensuality in the right dosage. Without many details and props, he alone makes the woman be feminine and deserves a longer look.

So, to rehabilitate that copy you already have around the House or to choose a new sundress in the store, take into consideration some recommendations infallible to shine in a tube:

1. Belly

The tube dresses are very good to define the silhouette. Who have any tummy, can solve easy with a tube model a little more loose and more like reinforced fabrics linen, silk, taffeta, Velvet jeans, jeans etc. You can also bet on dark colors.

The same goes for those who have wide hips, thighs are thick or is overweight, because the tube dress (not too tight) and length at the knees will lengthen and refine the silhouette.

2. Cleavage

By having a more adjusted to the body, requires attention to CAMI dress body type of the woman, especially if she has big breasts. If the dress is too glued to the body, will press the bust, leaving “square” or do you jump out the neckline.

The tube set and necklines too flashy end up creating a common image. If the dress is already in your essential tube sexy, invest in necklines that only imply.

Strapless models are ideal for women who have little stalls more bust, because they value more the lap area.

3. Underwear

The choice of underwear in this case is very important. Nothing uglier than a dress that is emphasizing the contour and the seams of a pair of panties.

4. Compliance with

The ideal length to maintain the natural elegance of the tube is that a little below the knee. But, if you are short in stature, should avoid this observance, which will make you look smaller than it really is. Prefer a small tube at the knees or a little above them, always with heels to elongate the figure and make your legs look thinner and longer.

5. Prints

The prints and artwork may be real enemies of a female look harmonious. If you are with a few extra pounds avoid light colors or bright and the very large prints. Bet on black, dark red, wine, Brown and patterned ones.

6. High heels

The righteous dresses require high heels or, at least, to the figure of the woman does not appear flattened.

7. accessories

The tube needs simplicity to reveal sexy accessory ideal for this type of dress is a necklace of pearls in the short size classic or broad, in a lot of laps (biju) or a more maxicolar style to create a more sporty. In addition, if required, a bulletproof vest, a bolero or a blazer with matching shoes or sandals.

For the day to day, invest in basic models, straight and crisp, and book the draping, ruffles and sparkles for special occasions and events at night.

As we are in the season that calls for beautiful bodies and well defined, we suggest you to choose one or two of the many optional of a tube dress (a more sporty and another for night and parties) to make shine your curves, without losing even one centimeter of charm and sophistication.

With a small tube, you will always be well dressed and will never pass unnoticed wherever you go!