Tips: How to Buy Helmet

1. According to the main manufacturers, all helmets must be replaced after 5 years of use.

2. The state of the interior of the helmet is as important in terms of safety as its exterior.

3. Buy a quality approved helmet.

4. The basic difference between polycarbonate helmets and composite helmets is that the latter are more resistant to violent impacts.

5. Try the helmet before you buy it. Sizes may vary between manufacturers and between models, the basic hint is to measure the circumference of the head at the forehead height.(ex: my head measures 56cm, this will be the helmet number at the time of purchase helmet size 56)

6. Buy a helmet that fits you tight but does not tighten. The use will “extend” the inside of the helmet over time.

7. Hygiene is important in the helmet. Over time, small organisms lodge in the liner so you prefer helmets with detachable lining. Wash them often. Imagine what it is like to wear the same underwear without washing it for a year according to militarynous.

8. All helmets from leading brands are guaranteed. Check with your authorized dealer.

9. Prefer brands and models that guarantee replacement parts and accessories.

10. The price factor is not always synonymous with superior quality.