Tips on How to Care for the Skin in Summer

Skin Care Tips in summer
Having the perfect skin is a desire for all of us, but with the elements of the summer it is a little impossible to have that. How to care for the skin in summer is the subject we are debating today, precisely because we are very exposed to the sun, chlorine, sea water, sweat, heat.

Sometimes we can get imperfect skin, just because we don’t know how to take care of the skin in summer, and problems may appear, such as stains, Drynesss, ringworms, among others. But let’s settle this for you, with a few simple tricks that can make all the difference to have beautiful skin.
Oiliness control and “farewell” to the brightness on the face!
Some people need extra care on the skin on hot days, just because they get the face more oily. You must use liquid soaps or foam that have elements that control oiliness. After that, you apply a tonic that should also contain elements that can help control the oiliness of the face.
And to finish it is important that you use moisturizer, but choose one that has matte effect, so you will not cause your face to become oily during the day.
It is very important to take care of the skin in summer seeking solutions to the oiliness of your face, in products that already exist in the cosmetic market. There are many that are with matte effect and that help to control oiliness, and must be those who are allies of their beauty.
In some cases you should worry about other body parts too, which may end up leaving your face oily. So higienize part of the pectoral, the back and the nape of the neck, which may end up leaving oily skin.
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Dry your fingers and your crotch.
In this way you will prevent ringworms, which is a fairly common problem on hot days. Precisely because we eat more, and we are always exposed to environments such as beaches and clubs, which may contain elements that influence the mycoses.
So you don’t have this problem on hot days, it is important that you dry properly, body parts, which may possess some miss tracing. Like the toes, and even the hand, and also the groin.
Besides caring after the bath you should care, during the day also, especially if you suffer from excessive sweating, the indicated is that you can dry with a paper towel, at some intervals you may have during the day, as well as it is very important that you use talcum on the feet That’s going to keep them from getting moist. For places like swimming pools or club showers, it is important that you use slippers, thereby avoiding getting barefoot in wet locations.
Skin Care in summer
Clean the skin daily!
It is of utmost importance that you wipe your face everyday, this is a way that prevents it from getting oily. Fetch soaps that are for the face, as well as a facial tonic. But these products must be for oily skin, only so they can help to avoid the problem. Also remember to do at least once a week, a cleansing with an exfoliating soap.
End the skin dryness!
Dryness does not occur only on cold days, and not only in the skin, it is important to know that the body also suffers on hot days.
What is best suited for skin care in summer is that you use products based on urea, vitamin E, and grape seed oil, especially after the bath. And it’s very important that you always try to take these products together when you travel.
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Way beyond the sunscreen!
It is essential to protect your skin, against sunburn, against stains, spots, and even against skin cancer. But you need to be able to reset the sunscreen, at least from two in 2 hours. So you actually avoid sunburn, especially if you are too exposed to the sun, in places like swimming pool or beach. According to threergroup, other details make all the difference, so wear sunglasses, caps or hats, but you need to choose those who really can protect from the sun.
Furthermore, you need to choose the correct sunblock, for women who have 30 to 40 years, the FPS needs to be above 50. You need to choose thicker products, because they will better resist water and sweat.
Take care of stains and spots!
You should treat spots and stains, see a specialist who can tell if it takes something deeper, or if it has no problem with the spots or stains.
You must be very careful with them in the sun, i.e. the use of sunscreen is crucial. For removing them, you need to use laser or intense pulsating light, and only in four sessions that can really disappear.
Moisturizing Beyond creams!
You should rather choose the correct creams, but know that a moisturized skin goes much, moreover, you can use lotions that are thermal waters, that