Tips to Get the Stains out of Clothes

How many times have you happened to be ready to leave home and stay with a coffee stain or during lunch have a stain on that piece of clothing you love? Makeup, wine, coffee, perspiration, deodorant and pen ink are among the most common stains. But there are quick tips, you can save your new dress or that white shirt that goes with anything.

In fact, the care and treatment of clothes is as important as your organization in the closet. The ideal is to have the pieces always flawless and ready to use, using products and washing temperatures suitable for every type of clothing. So, always read the label carefully, so check what are the recommended cleaning instructions, to not run the risk of damaging your clothes or even this shrink during washing.

Learn some tricks that can help remove most common stains, but first test these solutions in a hidden area of the fabric.

Lipstick stains

Oils, waxes and pigments: the ingredients of your lipstick are perfect for your lips, but not for your clothes. Wear makeup daily, alcohol or lacquer may be the answer. Apply alcohol, opt for pressing the stain with a cloth soaked in this liquid, but without the spread. Leave to act for 15 minutes, ending with a warm cloth on the stain.

Perspiration and deodorant stains

Have you noticed with unsightly yellow stains on the sure white shirts or white streaks on dark clothing. The perspiration and deodorant stains are intrinsically linked. It is best to be safe than sorry, using a specific deodorant. In this case, prepare a folder with yeast for cakes and water directly on the stain, leaving Act during 20 minutes in order to remove stains before placing the clothes in the washing machine. Besides, you know those tights transparent that no longer uses? A quick tip to get deodorant of clothes in three times is moisten them slightly and pass on the stain.

Pen and ink stains

A classic spot for those who work at a desk. A quick trick to remove pen ink is passing a cloth soaked in alcohol on the stain. Place a cloth between the fabric to the stain does not spread. In the end, wipe dry. If you are in contact with paints, which can happen if dealing with children or decide to change the decor of your home, the alcohol can also be useful in the task of How to take ink from clothes.

Coffee stains

Even before you leave home or during a hectic day at work, coffee stains are quite common. If the stain is small, try passing a damp cloth until this out. For the spots larger and sturdier fabrics, try rubbing a paste of baking soda with warm water, rinsing after.

Red wine stains

It feels so good to drink a glass of red wine on a date or dinner with friends. The secret to removing red wine stains is to act fast. Use rock salt is a great trick, because it prevents the fluid tissue sets in the treads. Or, apply white wine directly on the stain to try to neutralize the stain. If only it is possible to treat the stain later, then soak the piece in water and then wash normally. So if you have a dinner tonight, don’t be afraid to wear that special dress!