Tivoli Radio Bays in the Test

The Tivoli radio Silenz has listeners shells made of wood and has an active noise isolation. We have tested the HiFi headphones.

170 euros for a real Tivoli product, that sounds like a bargain. Especially as the first headset from the House of Tivoli for the price has a lot to offer: a befitting comes with handset shells made of real wood. This is by no means self-evident in this price class. On the other hand he has also still active, battery-powered noise in addition to a low weight, foldable ironing and carrying case.

This is not sitting in the listeners (there only the microphone that picks up the disturbing sound is located), but in an own housing on the cable. Here, the phase-response to the travel noise is generated upon request. The relatively small audience not extremely tight on the ears.

A clear advantage for the convenience – with larger ears, however, but also a small disadvantage. The listener, however, also works in passive mode – enabled sound insulation behind closed doors no difference to the passive work listen is audible except a background noise.

Tivoli radio Silenz: hearing test

Practically: A “Defeat” button allows you to mute the transmission itself, quickly order for a drink at the stewardess. The independent from the source volume control in turn is useful if you want to reduce the level or increase indefinitely. Sonically, the radio Silenz is by far not a silent Companion. Little bass in the game and only in the upper bass and tone is really there, but by pleasant and clean modulated centers he creates a good mixture of clarity and physicality. The slim base makes it pleasantly airy, but also to occasional kratzigeren undertones.

Measuring laboratory

The measurement charts of radio Silenz with activated (top) and noise switched from (below) show a very similar, almost identical course: slight increase from keynote, little bass, sinking to around 1.5 kHZ. Passive impedance: 30.2 ohm