To Silence All Cell Phones For Good

The Champion Technology Holdings has launched the MuteTone, a product that will make the phones literally dead. This technology, in which the company invested 30 million dollars (euros or 34,200,000 6,850,000 of Tales), as confusing the signals of mobile phones so that they don’t touch and stop being so annoying in public places such as restaurants, hospitals, cinemas, among others.

To Silence All Cell Phones For Good

last March, the Canadian authorities promoted a public discussion about the possibility of blocking the signals of mobile equipment due to the increasing number of complaints about your misuse and the inconvenience that they cause in public places. However, manufacturers and mobile operators were against the use of an inhibitory signal technology.

as argument, Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association stressed the issue of public safety, already about 3 million of calls made per year are for the emergency services.

But, while some consider that each can do whatever you want with your phone, the President of Champion Technology Holdings, Paul Kan, speaking to Reuters said that this is a way to force users to employ rules of etiquette in the use of this equipment, since the policies of persuasion have failed.

this technology, which was used first for military purposes, has been transformed into a commercial product and the manufacturer hopes to sell it in about 50 countries. The price is around $1,600 (365 short stories or 1,820 euros). The company claims to have already placed an order for 150,000 MuteTones for a country in the Middle East, in order to prevent cell phones become incomódos in places of worship.

the France also is considering your use in libraries and museums. Paul Kan that in Percomputer, for example, cell phones are introduced in prisons, what constitutes a security problem. In Hong Kong, where the company is headquartered, lack still overcome some regulatory issues, and is currently the Champion Technology to negotiate with the Government possession of legal personality of MuteTone.

Note that the telecoms regulator that territory already rejected a similar proposal from another company based on the argument that this technology would interfere with the signals of other devices outside the area of application, something that the Champion Technology Holdings says do not happen in this case. If it is used in a private place, Paul Kan claims not to know any law that prevent your use and ensures that will market the equipment whatever the verdict.

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